Maintaining Your Health Over 50

By on September 18, 2012

By Katie Green –

For men and women in their 50s, planning and preparing for retirement also means taking a good look at their overall health and well-being. As the human body ages, the wear and tear of life begins to have its effect and increases the risk that serious illnesses and ailments, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and joint diseases, will interfere with well-laid retirement plans.

It is never too late for a future retiree to make positive changes and improve their current and future health. Even small changes in lifestyle and habits can make a big difference. The years immediately prior to retirement, as well as during retirement itself, are when steps should be taken to improve on both the mental and physical health of the body.

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Embracing a healthy lifestyle

Diet and exercise are both vital parts of a healthy lifestyle at any age, but especially after age 50. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, all have direct causative links to poor dietary choices and lack of quality exercise. Maintaining a balanced diet and limiting intake of saturated fats, sodium and sugars can make a big difference, lowering these important numbers as well as body mass index and weight; all are essential to ensuring good health and preventing lasting damage. Exercise plays a key part in any healthy lifestyle, with the best programs combining cardio, weight-bearing and meditative programs. Choosing formal exercise classes or activities that offer a social element, as well as physical workout, is definitely an added benefit.

Eliminating negative habits, such as smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol, are also essential in order to maintain future health. Replacing these habits with something far more proactive or healthy will make the transition easier and more enjoyable, ensuring that it becomes a permanent change. Utilizing meditation and other relaxation techniques can also makes this process a smoother one.

Monitor and manage your health

Having a regular physician and keeping up with yearly appointments and check-ups is vitally important, as is properly and consistently taking any prescription medications necessary to treat current illnesses or conditions. While exercise and diet can go a long way toward improving and maintaining good health, it may sometimes be necessary to take some form of medication in order to get the numbers properly regulated and the body back into full working order. These may become expensive, particularly if more than one course of treatment is required. Fortunately, many options are available, including online pharmacies; for example, Canada drugs are available, which can lower the overall costs considerably.

A number of tests are considered standard for patients over 50, all with the purpose of detecting early signs of severe illnesses and disease. Taking these tests will help to ensure that there is still plenty of time to treat any disease or illness before the body becomes too badly damaged to be repaired and survive. Some tests, such as stress and ECGs for heart disease, are useful for both men and women, while others, such as prostate screening or mammograms, are specific to gender.

Time to get healthy

Retirement is an excellent time to focus on getting healthy and enjoying the fruits of years of work. Taking the opportunity to get healthy, incorporating good habits, good foods and good activities into the daily routine will ensure an enjoyable second-half of life.


This article has been written by Katie Green, who is a dedicated travel writer who loves to share her globetrotting experiences from across the world.

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Maintaining Your Health Over 50