Maintaining Good Health During the Autumn/Winter

By on September 4, 2019
Good Health

As the summer leaves us behind and we move into the autumn/winter months, the temperatures can quickly change and before we know it, the long sunny summery days have become shorter and the darker mornings and evenings longer. It’s important to make sure that you and your family are prepared for good health for the winter months, while most people will start to swap around their spring/summer wardrobe for warmer jackets and long trousers, it’s not uncommon to forget about preparing to care for our physical and mental health as well. 

Unlike the bitter chilly temperatures, the changes that happen to our physical and mental health aren’t noticeable straight away and can sometimes take until the coming spring to understand and start making better habits. Unfortunately, because the habits are not in place for long, they quickly slip our mind and we can often face the same cycle the next year. 

Changes you might notice in yourself or family members include moodiness, irritability, weight gain and a lack of motivation. These feelings can also be attributed to SAD or seasonal affective disorder, which is linked to the good we feel from being in the sunlight. Something that can be severely lacking during the darker months when you are often traveling to and from work in the dark or when the sun is still very low. 

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To ensure you can maintain the positive feelings you’ve felt during the summer months and keep your physical health at peak condition (at least outside the festive season), consider the following habits;

Good HealthKeep Active

The temperature might be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you should vegetate on the sofa for 3 or 4 months, it’s time to get moving! Not only does being active contribute to living a healthy lifestyle but it’s a cheap, effective way of keeping warm when it’s cold outside. Need to go to the shop around the corner? Put an extra layer on and walk at a faster pace than normal, rather than hopping in the car. Rather stay inside? Some gentle yoga stretches and more active exercises such as jogging on the spot and even some dancing is a fantastic way to warm up and stay healthy. 

Give to Charity

An easy way to get a great endorphin (the happy chemical in your brain) boost and do some good at the same time. Giving to a charity or cause that aids others, particularly during the winter months when those in need require extra assistance to keep warm and healthy themselves, is a great way to keep your mood up when you otherwise might be feeling low. There are plenty of options available, from adopting an endangered tiger with the WWF, sponsor a child in foster care, or if you have the time, volunteering for a local group. 

Learn Something New

With the darker days and colder temperatures, it’s common for people to spend more time indoors during the winter. While it’s easy to snuggle up on the sofa and watch the telly, use the opportunity to learn or practice a new skill, take up a craft or even try learning a language. If you are a keen reader, set yourself a new reading target or try a non-fiction book that teaches you a new topic. It’s also a good chance to try something new with your loved ones or friends and potentially start a new long-term hobby that you can all enjoy and continue for years to come! 

This year avoid the winter blues and make sure you keep healthy in both mind and body by following the few tips above or using these as inspiration to plan your own winter activities. However, if you are concerned about the wellbeing of yourself or a family member during winter, particularly due to low mood or motivation, seek advice from a professional such as your local GP who can recommend additional supplements, vitamins or medical assistance where necessary. 


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Maintaining Good Health During the Autumn/Winter