Maintaining Your Fitness While On Holiday

By on November 24, 2012

By Nancy Rishworth –

The Pre-Vacation Blues

You’re off on vacation and you have been keeping fit with regular exercise and you’re looking forward so much to catching up with friends and family you haven’t seen for ages…

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But there’s a nagging voice in your head  – “I don’t want to go backwards in my fitness after all the hard work I’ve put in.” “I know me, I won’t be in my normal routine, and I’ll make lots of excuses to myself not to exercise, and I’ll come home feeling dejected that I’ve put on weight and feel like a hippo.”

Plan to Succeed!

For some weird reason all of us tend to have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude and approach when it comes to exercising. When we are in our usual day to day routine, we know when and where we will train, we know the workout we’re going to do each day of the week. And when you are in that familiar space it is so much easier to keep true to your schedule.

But, once we are on holiday and away from our normal daily lifestyle, we often make every excuse under the sun just to blob, and we come home kicking ourselves for not keeping to some regular exercising.

And that’s the key! Before you go away, say to yourself, “I promise to do some exercise that suits where I am and who I’m with.” But don’t plan to follow the same workout routine when you’re home, because the chances are you won’t have the same opportunities.

So, you can think like this –

I’m going to talk a great pair of walking shoes with me, along with comfortable workout gear and my ipod, and every day, when it’s fine I am going to walk between 10 to 40 minutes.

And when it’s too wet or windy, I’m going to do a 10 to 30 minute indoor workout.

  • 10 push ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 star jumps
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 free body weight squats
  • 1 to 2 minutes skipping (So, to do this, you’ll need a skipping rope to take with you)
  • 2 minute hurdlers stretch for each leg
  • 2 minutes cobra stretch

Repeat these exercises once or twice more – depending on your fitness.

Involve Others

To be certain that you do this regularly, if you can encourage some of your family and friends to train with you your likelihood to stick to this light workout plan will double, or even triple.

Get your nieces and nephews to join in, your mum and dad, your brothers and sisters, grand kids, best friends, and if there is a trampoline in the backyard where you are staying, bounce on this with the kids – you’ll be amazed how good this is for a cardio exercise.

Be Flexible

Maybe the suggestions made don’t quite resonate with you. That’s fine, just follow the underlying steps:

  1. Plan a simple easy to do routine before you go on holiday
  2. Don’t make it too tough
  3. Pack what you need to exercise the way you want to
  4. Where possible, involve those you are with

Jonathan, my husband, and I are going to a wedding about five hours drive from where we live in two weeks. I’ve already emailed friends to meet some hours before the wedding, climb the local mountain, that will take about 90 minutes, then catch up for a coffee at one of the local cafes.

Mixing exercise, friendship, and the beauty of nature is really a 1+1+1 = 100% experience!

Yours in health and fitness-

Nancy’s passion is health and fitness with over 25 years’ experience helping others to improve their quality of life. As a qualified Naturopath and Personal Trainer Nancy has an in-depth understanding of how nutrition and exercise needs to be tailored to suit her clients. Now in her fifties she knows first-hand what it takes to remain in good shape and what a gift being fit and healthy is as the years fly by. With such specialist knowledge Nancy’s purpose is helping others in their forties and beyond to be vibrantly fit and healthy so they can fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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Maintaining Your Fitness While On Holiday