How to Maintain Your Dogs Health as It Ages

By on December 6, 2019
Dogs health

As you age and reach your 50s, it’s perfectly normal to start taking a closer look at your health and lifestyle choices. It’s no secret that what you choose to eat, how active you are, and even your mindset all play a role in your overall health as you age, which contributes to your lifespan. And while you want to live as long as possible, in as healthy a manner as possible, the same can be said for your dogs health, too. 

Dogs become part of the family and are loved and cherished just like any other family member. And just like you, they start to age and suddenly all those choices you make for them become much more influential and important. So how can you maintain your dog’s health as it ages? Well, there are some basic steps and tips you can use.

Supplements Aren’t Just for Humans

There’s a good chance that you are aware of how useful supplements can be in your own lifestyle and health, but did you know the same can be said for dogs? Supplements such as a multivitamin, probiotics, omega, and more can help keep them strong, healthy, and feeling great. These can all act as an immune booster for dogs if you will, filling in the nutritional gaps in their diet, and helping them to fight off such things as an autoimmune disease and seasonal bugs.

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So, what’s best for your dog? Companies such as PetHonesty offer a variety of supplements to choose from, so you can really pick and choose what works for their specific health needs.

Visit the Vet on a Regular Basis

Just as regular check-ups are important for you and your health as you age, the same can be said for your dog. Scheduling a regular yearly check-up at the vet will help to identify any potential areas of concern, and they can make sure that the dog’s health and wellness needs are being addressed. Additionally, purchasing pet insurance for your dog will help cover any unexpected costs of medical care your dog may need.

Get Your Dog Lean and In Shape

It is very common to see senior dogs who are on the fuller looking side, carrying a little to a lot of extra weight. Chances are they are less active than they were as a pup, so those calories aren’t being burned off. Unfortunately, added pounds and being overweight can increase your dog’s chances of developing skin disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Keeping them at their ideal body weight should be a top priority.

So, how can you achieve and maintain their ideal body weight? It’s a combination of steps. Choose food that meets their nutritional needs, practice portion control (your vet can help you figure out how much to feed them), skip the high fat and high-calorie wet food, limit the number of treats you give them, and keep them active.

Making Your Dog’s Health a Priority

Just because your dog is aging it doesn’t mean he has to suffer from poor health. By making some changes in their diet and lifestyle, you can help to ensure they stay healthy for many years to come.

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How to Maintain Your Dogs Health as It Ages