Love Coffee? Smart Ways to Improve Your Brew

May your morning coffee provide you with the energy you need to get to your mid-morning cup. If you are a serious coffee drinker, you may be interested in simple yet effective ways to improve your brew. The right cup certainly sets your mood for the day. So make it good! Coffee brewing can be as complicated or as easy as you like – it depends on personal taste and lifestyle choices. 

Magic Beans Are Real: They Are Called Coffee

The first step to the ultimate brew is to choose the best quality well-roasted beans you can afford. Try different styles and brands and blends, rather than settling on the one you have always known. The beans must be stored in an air-tight container or canister in a cool, dark, dry place. Coffee experts strongly advise against freezing coffee as it is porous and absorbs moisture and other flavors.  It is imperative to find the correct ratio of coffee to water for your personal taste. Measuring is the best method, preferably using a kitchen scale or even a scoop (though these are not precise). 

Water, Water Everywhere

The best water to use when brewing your finest is filtered tap or bottled spring water. These produce a cleaner, better-tasting coffee free from unwanted flavors from chlorine and impurities. Dependent on your method of coffee making, the water temperature is also important. Some methods require cold water, while others use hot (boiled) water. If using water from a kettle, it is advisable to let it cool a little after boiling so as not to burn the coffee. 

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Tools of the Trade

If budget is not a constraint, you may choose to have a variety of different coffee-making methods available to you at home to suit your changing tastes throughout the day. The most common brewing methods are the classic drip machine, pour-over coffee, the French press, and espresso and Nespresso machines. All produce slightly different types of coffee, and the choice is yours to make – dependent on time, effort, price, and convenience. 

Should you be using coffee beans, you will need to invest in the best grinder you can afford. Hand grinders may be ideal in smaller kitchens, and they are also less noisy on those tired sleepy mornings. To optimize aroma, consistency, and taste, beans are the best ground immediately before you brew. Should you decide on machine coffee, there are numerous varieties and flavors available in pod form. It is best to take advantage of online deals that offer extra value for money. These machines provide quick and reliable brews for ultimate convenience. 

Keeping it Clean and Fresh

All coffee equipment must be kept clean to prevent residue building up which could affect the taste. Avoid old coffee – it is best to drink your brew within 30 minutes of being made. Never reheat coffee in the microwave and it should never be left on a warming plate for more than an hour. Overheating produces bitter, foul-tasting coffee. You can place it in the refrigerator to drink later as iced coffee.

Personal preferences determine what, if anything, you add to your brew: milk, heavy cream, oat milk, coffee creamer, flavored syrups, soy milk, almond milk, or even butter and coconut oil. There are so many options available that you should never get bored. Cinnamon is a popular sugar replacement. Adding vanilla to your coffee can give you another taste sensation. 

Coffee making is an art that is easier than you think. Watch and learn from the barista when you visit your favorite coffee shop. You can also produce lattes, café Americanos, and flavored coffees at home – all you need is to know the basic formulae. At the end of the day it all about personal preference on your own coffee adventure – so experiment, find your favorite, and enjoy.

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Love Coffee? Smart Ways to Improve Your Brew
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