The Best Way Forward: 5 Key Considerations When Looking at Caring for an Elderly Loved One

By on April 2, 2020

At one point or another, many families must decide on care options for an older family member, whether it is a parent or a grandparent. Could you please change the sentence to: This may not be an easy decision to make, since there are many great senior living communities and other types of options available, but there are a few aspects to consider that may make the decision-making process a bit easier. Below is a closer look at five areas you must think about when deciding about the way of caring for your loved one.

The Needs of Your Loved One

One of the most significant factors when deciding to care for a loved one in your home is the level of care they need. Most people do not consider taking care of another person if they are independent and healthy. If that is the case, the loved one will choose to live on their own as long as possible.

Often times, senior citizens are chronically sick or have a significant setback, and living on their own is not an option anymore. In such situations, more options from are available to pursue. This involves placing your loved one in a senior facility living center so they can receive medical attention and assistance as needed.

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With many families and work schedules, caring for an older person is not an option. Knowing where to turn to in such situations is very important. In the end, you must do what is best for your loved one and the condition they are in.

How Much Assistance Can You Provide

Everyone has different needs and family situations that either allow them to care for the elderly or prohibits them from doing so. Because each case is different, ask yourself whether you can provide the best care or if a nursing care facility be a better option. Another aspect to consider is if you are equipped to handle the level of care that is required. For example, some people are no longer able to move, so they will need assistance when it comes to using the bathroom, getting dressed, and bathing. If your loved one deals with incontinence, are you comfortable with changing adult diapers numerous times a day?

Another scenario involves families with younger children. As we all know, younger children need a lot of care and attention and bringing in an elderly family member to care for maybe too much for the family to handle. It is essential to provide the best possible care for the elderly and to your family as well.

Can the Elderly Navigate Throughout Your Home

The setting the elderly will be in is very critical to his or her care. An older person has trouble with stairs, and they can be at a greater risk of falling and being seriously hurt. Ideally, it is best to keep them on the main level of the home, with a full bathroom nearby. This will limit the number of trips they would have to make up and down the stairs.

If living on the main floor is not an option, you can consider installing a chair lift. If you have steps leading up to the front door, a ramp may be necessary. Another concern is the doorways to each room in the house. Are they wide enough to allow a wheelchair or walker through? Many worries come up when considering having an elderly family member living with you, and modifications to the house can be made to make it happen.


Moving a loved one into your home will affect your finances. Many senior citizens have money and will insist they contribute to your family budget. This can help you and your family out tremendously. On the other hand, some do not have money and cannot afford to pay to live with family members. In this situation, the family may need to look at other options if they cannot take in their loved ones.

Another option may be to purchase a larger home to accommodate the family and the loved one’s needs, especially if he or she has money to put toward the house. This can be an excellent option for everyone involved because the family will have a larger home, and the older adult will have family and love around them.

If this is not an option, finding a senior living center that provides terrific care, amenities, and assistance may be the best thing for everyone. Senior centers have come a long way and offer senior citizens and their families many more options than they did in the past. Now, there are social events to get involved in as well as group exercises, group outings, dinners, and so much more.

Adjustments to Your Family’s Lifestyle

Any time someone comes to live with a family, all residents involved must make the proper adjustments for everyone to get along and live comfortably. Sometimes, that does not go as smoothly as one would think. The elderly may not be able to deal with the constant chaos that comes with having smaller children in the house. In this situation, maybe living in a nursing home is the best option for them. This way, the older person has the privacy and the quiet he or she likes but can still have family members come and visit often.

Caring for an older loved one is not an easy task, but deciding to have them live in a nursing home is not easy to make either. However, it is essential to consider all options and not to make a quick decision. Take some time to determine what the best scenario is for everyone involved, and above all else, the older adult’s health and care are the most important. Who will be able to provide them with the best care around the clock? In most cases, the answer to that question is a nursing home because those facilities are equipped with health care professionals and equipment around the clock to assist with everything the loved ones need.

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The Best Way Forward: 5 Key Considerations When Looking at Caring for an Elderly Loved One