What to Look for in a Wedding Ring

By on September 17, 2019
Wedding ring

When shopping for a wedding ring, it is important that you take practical considerations to check the quality and longevity of the metal and stone rather than get carried away in the excitement of choosing a ring. Your wedding band will be with you for the duration of your marriage, and so it is vital that you ensure that the ring in question is a worthy investment. 

Classic Designs 

Current trends in wedding ring fashion include stacked rings, pear-shaped stones, and custom designs. However, you should consider combining these trends with more classic shapes and styles to ensure that your ring’s design is both stylish and has the elegant longevity to endure decades of marriage. For instance, plain silver or gold wedding bands, as well as full diamond rings, are both fashionable and yet have the simplicity that they need to look sophisticated once the latest trends pass. Diamond Nexus has a range of trend-setting and yet classic diamond wedding rings to suit any of your preferences, whether you are looking to opt for woven, accented, or plain designs.


If you are buying a diamond wedding ring, you should always ensure that the stone is certified and that it is also accredited by the GIA or other gemological institutes. Although all certifications have security features such as holograms to prevent them from being forged, you can check that a certificate or grading is authentic by comparing the certification with the diamond before you buy, matching its imperfections with those that you see on its certificate. 

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The quality of your ring is one of the most important factors to consider as your ring may be a lifetime investment and investing in a high-quality ring will ensure that it has the durability to continue to be stunning in the future. In fact, the quality of the cut is even more important than the size and carat of the diamond, as a lesser diamond can look just as good as a poorly cut diamond if it is made in the right manner. You should also look for quality in the wedding band itself, as there are a few different quality controls which can help you to determine the value of the ring that you are investing in. Whether you are opting for gold, silver, rose gold, or platinum, bands of good quality will have two marks inside of them: the manufacturer’s trademark, which states who created the ring, and the quality mark, which is evidence that the quality of the metal is as described.

Carat Size

Carat size, however, is also a vital consideration to make when choosing a wedding band, as this can affect elements such as the appearance of the ring and your budget. However, carat size can only be determined by personal preference, with some brides deciding that the higher the carat, the better, whereas others are focused much more on the cut, color, or clarity of the ring in question.


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What to Look for in a Wedding Ring