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By on April 26, 2021
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As LivingBetter50 celebrates 10 years of being the No.1 resource for women over 50 worldwide, we bring you our top 10 series. Just in time for Summer, LivingBetter50 is bringing you our top online fitness and gym programs. Get your beach body on for 2021.

With the pandemic last year, most people could not get to the gyms. Many people took on home improvement projects or fitness classes and with the advancement of much live streaming and On-Demand programs, we got to work out at home. Now with a taste of these services, LivingBetter50 has the best online classes and programs for you to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Top Online Fitness Classes and Workout Programs has brought us some of the biggest names in fitness over the years. They have now consolidated all of these programs under one umbrella service. They help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. With over 3 million subscribers and over 2,700 on-demand classes, has more to offer than you could ever need. If you want to feel like part of the day-to-day programming, they have more than 440 live streaming classes each week for you to join too.

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With an excellent balance of on-demand and live classes, and an amazing selection of workouts, is an excellent choice for an at-home workout solution!

Rethink Fitness with P.Volve

Get your sweat on with low-impact, functional movement with low impact on your joints. P.volve is a fitness method rooted in the idea that in order to look and feel your best, your body has to work right. Combining dynamic joint movement with patented resistance-based equipment, P.volve activates and strengthens each and every muscle throughout the body. The method and exercises include rotating and moving the body in every direction. Some movements may be unfamiliar, but they support moving more functionally throughout the day. 

Your digital membership allows you to access the method anytime. The on-demand streaming service is accessible anywhere with a variety of classes and structured series. Start P.volve today with an equipment kit and a three-month digital membership.

Get your FlatTummy Back

Flat Tummy Co began after seeing women like us struggle with looking and feeling good. After cutting out wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, fructose, soy, and anything with any real flavor. Nothing changed. Flat Tummy set out to create a range of products that were super easy, super healthy. Their products are designed to help our babes get back on track, and stay on track. We’re all about helping women look and feel like the best versions of themselves. And that’s what we set out to do.

All our products are specifically designed for women, by women – and that’s something that we’re freaking proud of. So take it from us, a team of women who’ve been there. We know what it’s like to feel gross and sluggish. But we also know what it’s like to feel freaking good! Get 25% off the ultimate flat tummy bundle.

Innovative Fitness with Bowflex

It all began in 1986. While others were building expensive, conventional weight machines for gyms, Bowflex was developing an innovative way to bring gym-quality results into the home. As it turns out, people really liked that idea. No gym membership, no waiting for equipment, no judgment. Just you, a goal, and a convenient solution sitting in the next room that guaranteed results. Bowflex has dedicated over 30 years to designing smarter, faster, and more effective ways to get results. These results come from the comfort of your own home. Bowflex remains the gold standard and the most dependable name in home fitness.

Get your Bowflex home gym equipment today!

My Curves are Looking Good

Curves is a worldwide leader in women’s fitness. For over 25 years they have helped millions of women get fit, gain strength, and stay healthy with fitness that works. MyCurves On-Demand is developed by Curves program experts and led by Curves coaches, real women – just like you! With On-Demand, MyCurves offers their trusted 30-minute total body workout right into your home. Improve your strength, increase your flexibility, and live the life you want!

With the resistance band that you receive, the 30-minute total body workouts take you through a warm-up, cardio, strength training, cool down, and stretching. Are your Curves going to look good this summer?

Accomplish More In Less Time with FYT Personal Training

Studies show that personal training doubles your chances of overall exercise success and body fat % reduction compared to working out alone. Fyt’s personal trainers will provide customized programming, motivation, and a dose of fun during every step of your fitness journey. Train in-person or virtually, beginners welcome.

Unshakable Strength Starts with Physique57

Physique 57 offers a fitness experience that touches lives far beyond the barre. All from the convenience of your own space. Strength. Energy. Confidence. Barre none. Physique 57 offers 300+ Workouts – all levels and lengths. Adaptable to any space. Create playlists. Download workouts. Calendars and Meal Plans.

The Dailey Method blends Barre and Cycle

The search for the best barre & cycle fitness class is over. The Dailey Method is here to help you achieve a strong, lean, sculpted body through an evolving mix of fitness practices. Unlike other group classes, The Dailey Method ignites awareness through hands-on training and education. Our intrinsic focus on alignment and strength results in better posture, better movement, and a better you.

Never stale, our ever-evolving mix of movement is always fresh, fun, and challenging. The Dailey Method is efficient incarnate. You get a total workout Daily! Sculpt your body, sharpen your mind, and move forward with a positive attitude.

Be on the lookout for our final awards and ceremony. LivingBetter50 will announce and award the Best Online Fitness Classes and Workout Programs for 2021!

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LivingBetter50 – Top Online Fitness and Gym Programs