Life-Saving Apps: No More Distracted Driving

By on September 6, 2016
Life-Saving Apps:

Have you heard that multitasking is a myth? Sorry, but it’s true. Scientifically speaking, your brain is unable to do two things simultaneously and do them both well. I know—this evidence overturns a highly regarded mythical talent, one that many of us congratulate ourselves for regularly. Benign as it may be to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time, the myth of multitasking is far from harmless when applied to drive while using mobile devices.

Long Story Short: The Risk Of Distraction

The more you try to do while driving, the more likely you are to get into an accident. If you are distracted (i.e., have your attention on anything other than the road), you increase your risk of having a fatal accident. The more often you undertake that risky behavior, the higher the risk of crashing is. It’s that simple (see link above).  

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Can’t Keep Your Hands Off The Cellphone

Do you want to guess which tech-related activity is most endangering our roads? Texting—but you probably knew that from experience, or maybe even a near miss. Let’s hope not! If you can’t keep your hands off the phone, then either lock it in the trunk or try one of these apps recommended by safe-driving advocate Alex Perdikis. They might just save a life!

  • AT&T DriveMode
    DriveMode is a very user-friendly distracted driving app. It helps drivers avoid texts and calls. You can set the app to kick in automatically when you reach 15 mph. For your teen driver, set the app to notify you when he or she changes the settings or disengages the app. The fun part: The app can be used in groups, and users can set up a prize for the driver who reaches a designated goal.
  • SafeDrive
    SafeDrive makes a game out of staying off the cellphone. Rather than preventing a driver from looking at the phone, it rewards you when you don’t—really! Local retailers reward drivers with cash or prizes when they earn SafeDrive points. As soon as you get in the car, a screen pops up showing the number of points you’ve earned. Dare to touch it, and your points disappear. Like AT&T Drive Mode, you can use SafeDrive in groups, challenging each other to stay off the phone.
  • Focus
    Like SafeDrive, Focus puts a bit of fun into training yourself to stay off the phone. The app launches when you start driving. To keep you in check, Focus starts with gentle voiceover reminders. When you pick up your phone, a voice will politely ask you to put it down. For repeat offenders, Focus turns up the heat and may yell commands like “Lock your phone now!” Other scoldings include “Would your parents be happy with you if they knew you were doing this?” and “Eyes on the road!” The app also generates a report showing whether you’ve been good at staying off your cellphone. Ask teens to email you their reports—they’ll love that!

Although none of these apps are perfect, they might help us limit our distracted driving. For other ways to fight distracted driving, see this blog post about useful tech tools.



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Life-Saving Apps: No More Distracted Driving