Life Lessons for 2013 from Beyonce

By on February 10, 2013

By Cheryl Pullins –

As a business and life coach, I am always (and I do mean always) looking at ways to use real life lessons to share principles for living an empowered life. Super Bowl XLVII was one of those times.

There were a plethora of lessons which showed themselves during the game, during the halftime show and during the game delay.

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Here are my top 10:

1. What happened: Emotions were riding high after an interception. Some of the guys on the field started fighting which resulted in two personal foul penalties – one for each team.

Lesson: There are certain times in life where you have to remove the emotions. Emotions can sometimes cause you to make decisions you can later regret. Never make a permanent decision in a temporary situation.

2. What happened: That awful GoDaddy commercial. You know which one. Enough said.

Lesson: Just because everyone is talking doesn’t mean it’s good for your business. Be careful how you market to your demographic, you just might tick off the group of people with the greater influence.

3. What happened: The lights went out for 34 minutes and the 49ers rallied hard to come back.

Lesson: Leverage a negative situation and flip it to a positive. The 49ers used that time to regroup, reset and made a great come back from a set back (even though they didn’t win, but you get the picture).

4. What happened: VW Commercial

Lesson: This one is simple. Get in. Be happy and smile.

5. What happened: The halftime show with Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly aka Destiny’s Child.

Lesson: Share your spotlight.

Beyonce shared her Super Bowl halftime spotlight with former Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. She brought them along with her. You can say what you want about Miss B. She is a class act and we should learn to be so gracious to those who have helped us along our journey.

6. What happened: Halftime Show continued.

Don’t forget those who helped you get where you are.

Every now and then, do something to remember them. Why? Because it’s just a nice thing to do.

7. What happened: I know I already said the lights went out, but this time it’s about the Ravens.

Delay doesn’t mean denial.

In spite of the SuperDome lights going out which delayed the game by more than 30 minutes and brought the Raven momentum to a screeching halt after that 109 yard punt return by Raven wide receiver, Jacoby Jones, the Ravens still held onto the lead and became two time Super Bowl Champions. The delay did not deny them the opportunity to win.

superdom blackout

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas- USA TODAY Sports

8. What happened: One more time for the blackout.

Don’t worry about what you cannot control.

As the SuperDome plunged into an unexplained darkness, there was nothing the players on the field could do to change the

situation. During their waiting they had to keep their momentum up, continue to encourage one another and be ready to play when the lights came back on. It was a situation they had no control over, but they did have control over how they handled the situation.

9. What happened: Rookie 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made a mistake of calling a timeout too early in the game.

Sometimes you make mistakes. Get up. Get over it. Move forward anyway.

During the third quarter, 49er Quarterback, Kaepernick wasted a timeout, which really ticked off 49er head coach, Jim Harbaugh. But he’s a rookie…he’ll learn.

Just like our lives, we make mistakes. We start new project, new ventures and new opportunities and sometimes we make the wrong call at the wrong time. Mistakes happen. Learn from them, leverage the experience and keep moving forward. Yes, some mistakes may cost you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get up and start over.

10. What happened: The last few seconds of the game was a nail biter. The Ravens needed to keep kept the clock in play as long as possible before turning the ball over to the 49ers to make a last second attempt at a touchdown for the win.

Every second counts.

When you are living a purposeful life, every second counts. Time is one of your most precious commodities. You can’t get it back, so make the best of it, because every second counts.

There you have them, my Top 10 Life Lessons for 2013 from Beyonce and Super Bowl XLVII. Please share some of the lessons you may have received from watching the big game.


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Life Lessons for 2013 from Beyonce