Latest Lipo Advancements

By on May 15, 2016

By Kashif Raza−

While liposuction has been around for years now, the science behind it is constantly changing, thanks to doctors and researchers who look for faster and less invasive ways to improve clients’ bodies. Their efforts have resulted in a new wave of lipo in San Diego that is much more approachable and achieves those sought-after results in less time than before. Here we will give you a breakdown of the latest advancements in liposuction so that you can decide if this cosmetic procedure is the right option for you.

Why Do People Get Lipo?

We should first start by looking at some of the reasons for undergoing liposuction. The motivation behind a client’s decision to get lipo can vary from wanting to improve their physical appearance, to getting their pre-pregnancy body back, or to get rid of excess fat and skin after a large amount of weight loss. Of course, there are other reasons as well, such as improved self-esteem and more confidence. Living in California, it can seem as though the perfect body is always just one step away, but the truth is that when you feel good, you’ve already fought half the battle to looking great. Your decision to receive liposuction treatment may be different from the ones mentioned above, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. Your first course of action will be to speak to a professional for a one-on-one consultation.

A New and Improved Lipo

Upon meeting with a professional cosmetic doctor, you will learn about the lipo options available to you. One such possibility could be a new variety of liposuction, which is fast becoming a popular choice for a wide range of clients. It combines the processes of tumescent and laser procedures and offers a host of benefits. For example, those who are worried about general anesthesia need not worry, because tumescent lipo uses local anesthesia, which means you will not be “going under” or being knocked out for the procedure. That being said, by no means will you be fully awake and conscious of the treatment. Rather, you will be given a dosage of a local anesthetic, which dulls you into a shallow sleep or state of calm. While some people might doze off, once you return to full consciousness, there won’t be that groggy feeling of disorientation. This means that you can return back to your normal activities in about an hour.

The Lipo Process

Once you have received the local anesthesia, the doctor can get right to work on the lipo process. While you recline and enter a state of drowsy calmness, the doctor can make a small incision which produces a tiny opening just under the skin’s surface. This means that you don’t have to get stitches and therefore, there is much less risk of having the area be sore or infected later on. The small opening in the skin also allows the doctor to insert a slim tube, which is used to extract subcutaneous fat from below the skin.

The Tech Advantage

As most people know, subcutaneous fat is one of the most dangerous forms of fat that you can have on your body, and it usually accumulates around the middle (also known by many as their “problem area.”) This built-up fat can hinder insulin resistance, a common risk factor for the development of diabetes. So, with a narrow tube, that subcutaneous fat can be extracted from your body without puncturing organs or producing overly-loosened skin. Finally, thanks to new laser technology, the doctor can have a visual guide as to wear to extract the fat from your body.

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Latest Lipo Advancements