Keeping Up With Your Grandchildren

By on June 11, 2013
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By Sara Dawkins –

For those who have young grandchildren, keeping up with them is going to be a taxing experience. In some aspects, it may be next to impossible to duplicate the energy levels grandchildren seem to have at their disposal. However, practicing a more lean living with the child may prove beneficial to your overall health. Although it may be fun to spoil the grandchild in various ways, you should keep in mind that your influence is going to be more prominent than you may think.

1. Cookies and Snacks – Grandchildren frequently come to the house almost expecting to see some sort of sugary snack. Although you may be inclined to produce such tasty treats, there are more beneficial foods that can be nearly as satisfying for yourself and the grandchild. Many retired men and women spend their days in the gardens growing fruits and vegetables. Why not turn those into long lasting snacks with a food dehydrator? Not only are these “chips” naturally sweetened, but the snacks are far better for your health.

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2. Physical Activity – Although our bodies are slowing down with age, it’s still within our best interests to keep moving as often as possible. Nature walks, light mountain hikes, biking, and other fun activities with your grandchild can create memorable experiences of adventure while developing the means of physical exercise. Even a simple bike-ride to the corner store for a soda pop could create fond memories and help keep your physical condition from deteriorating.

3. The Dinner Plate – One of the biggest problems we have in the United States is our misconceptions of portion sizes. Did you know that a single can of “Spaghetti O’s” is actually meant to be served for two? All too often marketing campaigns of food manufacturers overload our needs in a single package. Instead of making lunch for yourself and your grandchild from two cans of pasta, split the can and eat a smaller portion size. Not only is this healthier, but it can save on the grocery bill as well.

4. Vacations – It’s commonplace for one to want to relax while on a vacation. That’s the whole reason why many will book passage on a cruise ship. However, life on this planet is worth experiencing instead of watching it pass by. During a family vacation, why not “venture” out and explore the area with your grandchild to keep your body moving. It is doubtful that you have experienced everything on this planet. Even if you have, you could re-experience it through the wonderment of your grandchild. Camping trips can be full of exercise if you involve yourself in order explore the location.

5. Over Exertion – If you’re not used to pushing yourself to keep up with the child, you shouldn’t drive yourself to exertion. The laws of nature tell us that we just can’t do certain things anymore, and we should accept our limitations. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Ease into this role and don’t exhaust yourself before you begin.

While you may only have a limited amount of time throughout the day to spend with your grandchild, a healthier style of living will surely be influential. This will not only help your own physical needs in the long run, but you could be helping the development of a sense of awareness in your grandchild that he or she will turn into a learned behavior. Practice a fit way of living to promote a longer life expectancy of yourself and your grandchild.

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Keeping Up With Your Grandchildren