Instead of Getting Rid Of Them, Pass These 6 Things Down To Your Kids

By on September 11, 2017
Instead of Getting Rid Of Them, Pass These 6 Things Down To Your Kids

As we get older, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Our homes become filled, and eventually it all just becomes too much. We hastily decide that we are just going to start throwing things out, donating them, or selling them, in an effort to be rid of all of the clutter.

A better option is to carefully go through your things, and set aside items that you would like to pass onto your kids. A day is eventually going to come when we are no longer around, and our children would like to have something to remember us by. Below are a few great things that you can pass down to your kids – simultaneously helping them out, and removing some clutter from your home in the process.

Photo Albums

One of the most common items that are passed down from generation to generation are photo albums. While most of the photos we take today are stored on our computers or cell phones, you likely have a collection of photo albums sitting in a closet from when you were young. These photo albums are a great thing to pass down, as they allow your kids to reminisce about their childhood, while also getting to see some of your own. Pick out a few choice photo albums, and set them aside to give to your kids one day.


Things from Your Wedding

Another great thing to pass down to your kids is anything from your wedding. For many of you, your kids were not present at your wedding, and didn’t get to experience it. Pictures from the wedding allow them to see what the day was like, and what everyone looked like when they were younger. In addition, actual items from the wedding – such as personalized wedding napkins, your wedding dress, or wedding favors – allow your kids to hold something physical from that special day, and maybe even incorporate it into their own wedding one day.

Old Toys

Do you have any of the toys you used to play with as a kid? Or perhaps toys from when your own children were much younger? If so, it’s great to pass these down instead of getting rid of them. Not only will it provide your children with something they can in turn give to their own kids to play with, but it comes with a personal connection to their grandparent. Older toys were simpler, unlike the modern toys of the day, and your grandchild will enjoy playing with something different.

Antique Furniture

If you have some antique furniture around your home, and you no longer have a use for it, your first inclination may be to sell it. In some cases antique furniture is worth quite a bit of money, making it rather tempting. However, if you don’t need the money, consider passing it down to your kids. This will give them a furniture piece that they can use, and as the piece gets older, it will go up in value, allowing your children to profit even more from it, should they choose to sell it.


For those of us that love to read, you likely have a large collection of books throughout your home. If you move into a smaller place, you probably can’t take them with you, and will need to get rid of them. Books are a precious resource, and if your kid has room for them at their place, they would probably love to add to their own collection of books. Before you decide to donate them to a local library, or just to throw them out altogether, see if your kids are interested in taking any of them. Finding a good home for a book is a much better option than the trash can.

Holiday Decorations

Finally, over the years your family has probably put together a collection of holiday items that have special significance to you. Rather than getting rid of these, your children would probably love to be able to hang them up around their own homes. Holiday decorations hold a special place in our hearts, as they remind us of good times spent with our family. If you’re no longer using these holiday decorations – such as Christmas tree ornaments, or a menorah – consider giving it to your kids for them to use.

Talk To Your Kids before Throwing Away Your Stuff

As you’re doing your Spring cleaning, put aside anything you think your kids might want into a pile. Then ask them to go through it and see what they want. Whatever is left you can donate, sell, or throw away, but at least you gave your children the chance to take them before you do. They’ll be happy to have a piece of their childhood and of their parents, and you’ll be happy to have a bit more closet space.




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Instead of Getting Rid Of Them, Pass These 6 Things Down To Your Kids