Important Things To Consider As You Plan Your Retirement Location

By on August 3, 2017
Important Things To Consider As You Plan Your Retirement Location

Are you getting close to retiring? Were you planning on making another move to a smaller home or residence? If so, you may have a lot planned for your happy golden years. While traveling and visiting with the grandchildren is likely your number one priority, there are a few things you need to consider as you choose your permanent home base. Maybe you’ve thought about moving to a warmer state like California. Here are a few tips to think about as you plan to choose your retirement location.

Selecting A Home Close To Nearby Activities

Selling the family home that you’ve lived in for years can be challenging both financially and emotionally. Letting go of memories is never easy. Now is the time to downsize and think about doing all of the things you love rather than being tied down to the upkeep of a large home. Choose your next home to be in close proximity to nearby activities that you enjoy on a daily basis. This may include:

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  • Golf
  • Beach combing
  • Shuffleboard
  • Biking
  • Bird watching
  • Shopping
  • Card games and related activities
  • Water sports or boating

Look for a home that is nearby biking trails, golf courses or senior centers that focus on activities that fit your needs. La Jolla, California offers a beautiful central location to some of the world’s most beautiful parks, trails and water sources that are also tailored to seniors and others who wish to live an active lifestyle. Tell your realtor about your specific needs so you can be matched up with the right home in the perfect community.

Property That’s Accessible

Part of retirement means still being able to be as mobile and active as possible. If you have limitations with mobility, choose a home or condo that is handicap accessible. Arthritis, pain and other medical conditions can make it difficult to climb stairs or walk a great distance from your driveway into your home. Select a home that is one level and has safety bars in the bathroom and shower. This will make it easier to get around in your new retirement location.

Home Care And Medical Availability

When talking with your realtor or potential landlord, one question to ask is how close your new home will be to doctors and hospitals in the area. Even if you don’t have a medical need at the moment, as you age, you’re more likely to need access to health care providers for numerous reasons. Having specialty clinics and hospitals within a close proximity will make it easier to access your doctor when needed. Knowing about programs for seniors as well as cancer clinics, rehab centers and medical centers nearby will take the stress out of having travel in the event you need prompt or possible long-term care.

Good Financial Advisors Close By

While you can often access a financial advisor over the phone, it’s always good to meet your bank officer face to face. Having a financial advisor or accountant that you trust to invest your money or handle your accounts is vital to your retirement and your legacy. Choosing a company or broker that is in your neighborhood, or close by can make it easier to set up appointments to discuss financial matters quickly when you need it. Think about moving to a town near a group of investors that you currently work with or would like to work with in the future. This makes wrapping up important financial tasks easier and quicker than dealing with an advisor from another city or state.

Near Favorite Social Events

Do you and your spouse love to go out to dinner or attend charity events or shows with friends? Choose a location that accommodates retirees in your social status. This could be nearby country clubs or social events or clubs that are geared toward people 65 and older. This will allow you to make new friends who live and play in your neck of the woods. Add this to your retirement checklist, if you truly enjoy meeting and hanging out with others who share your same interests.

Retirement includes relaxing and enjoying life in your own environment. Don’t let money or other circumstances limit what you can do. Plan ahead and set up the best outcome for your retirement. 

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Important Things To Consider As You Plan Your Retirement Location