The Importance Of Intimacy For Women Over 50

By on January 24, 2020

Humans are social creatures and need to have intimacy in their lives. The problem is that as we age, intimacy starts to become hard to come by. When a woman over 50 lacks intimacy it can have profound negative effects on their life. They tend to withdraw socially, have lower self-esteem and increased anxiety. 

Intimacy can take many forms and all of them are essential to having a healthy life emotionally and physically in our twilight years. In fact, an increase in intimacy can add years to a person’s life as they age.

Here LivingBetter50 discusses what intimacy can mean and why it’s so important to women over 50.

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What is intimacy

There are many ways that people are intimate. The most obvious way is sexual as sex covers many of the aspects of intimacy rolled into one act. Yes, the elderly should also be sexually active as it promotes good mental and physical health. There are some obstacles to being sexually active as a senior citizen and sometimes enhancements from something called Kamagra, or Viagra is needed. But, whatever it takes to be more sexually active is fine. 

Intimacy involves touching and being touched. The feeling of closeness with another person, whether it is a family member or spouse, is very important. 

Improves health

Being intimate is a wonderful way to improve your health at any age. When you are older it is no different. In fact, having sex regularly can add years onto your life. It is good for heart health and can help prevent cardiovascular disease. It reduces stress which directly increases our health. Stress can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. Even the risk of stroke is higher when you have a lot of stress.

Just like exercise, it releases endorphins which help reduce pain and inflammation. As we get older, joints are often a source of pain. That can be reduced by having more regular sex. 

Reduces depression

The elderly are at high risk of depression. Many people find themselves lacking a purpose if they don’t have much family around and no longer work. Being more intimate can help keep depression at bay. It boosts self-esteem and the endorphins released help reduce anxiety. Hugging, caressing and sex can all be forms of therapy.

Intimacy can often lead to having more sex. Usually, when older people start having sex, they also become more active in general. Being active is a key to warding off depression.

Appreciating your body again

Many older people think they are no longer attractive and sex is no longer an option because of that. It only takes having sex a few times to feel better about yourself physically. There is no doubt that our bodies change considerably when we get old. But, that doesn’t have to mean that there is nothing attractive. Feeling attractive again is a wonderful feeling and helps to improve many areas of life.

Suddenly looking in the mirror is pleasant!

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The Importance Of Intimacy For Women Over 50