“I CANNOT BE SILENT!”: One Woman’s Battle to End Human Trafficking

By on September 1, 2012

By Kimberly Rae –

For Becky McDonald, president and founder of Women At Risk International, the passion to rescue oppressed and broken women began when she was a fourteen-year-old MK (missionary kid) in Bangladesh, when a young woman named Neehru was “dumped at my feet.” Some men in Neehru’s family had tried to rape her, and when she dared resist, they poured acid down her throat, then left her for dead at the mission hospital.

Neehru’s helpless situation “burned a hole in my heart,” says Becky, “and it set me on a pathway that I’ve been on ever since, of creating safe places for women, to put their lives back together, and to whisper worth into their life, and to tell them that no matter what life does to you, it does not define you.”

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Neehru lived. She was given a job, and more importantly, given the message that God loved and valued her. Her dignity was restored through sustaining work. Her heart was healed by Jesus Christ.

Since then, Becky has taken that model to women all over the world, many of them stolen or sold from their homes and forced into sexual slavery at very young ages. She and her army of volunteers and national partners rescue women, give them sustainable work, and share with them the good news that God values them.

WAR International partners with believers around the world in the fight against human trafficking. Becky, can you give us an example of one of your international partnerships?

My partner in Mumbai, India, rescues women and children from “cages.” In Calcutta, the women are forced to work 24 hours a day with tiny naps when there are no customers.

It is estimated that 200,000 women and children in seven years have been forced and scammed out of Bangladesh into the brothels of India.

Two small clinics are spots of light and cleanliness in a world of dark filth. One is an HIV clinic, the other a new dental clinic. Because they are giving free health care, the owner/trafficker allows the desperate women and their children to come and go. Here in the privacy of a tiny treatment room and a comfortable dental chair (yes, I know, comfort is relative) the women can be gently interviewed by our partners to determine if they are there against their will.

WAR International is known for the beautiful, quality jewelry, scarves, purses and other products sold in your two stores in Michigan, online, and in parties hosted by individuals and groups all over America. Was this inspiration to sell jewelry a personal desire?

Honestly, I am not a sales person…I fought the retail side of things. It’s very hard work.

Do you have special moments when you know it is worth it?

I have seen women stand and cry as they try on our jewelry…because of the woman who made it and what their purchase will mean in her life.

Every time you buy a piece of jewelry, or hold a party, know this with certainty. You just made it work!  You not only rescued but restored and empowered a woman or child to survive with dignity. It is that simple. One safe house grew 500% when we started carrying their jewelry and product.

When will your job be finished?

I will give voice with every last breath in my body to the silenced cries of those taken by force, scammed, brutalized and chained till broken…I cannot be silent!

Any final thoughts?

Do whatever God lays on your heart to do . . . because God loved you and rescued you!


“I need an army of soldiers—really shoppers!” Becky McDonald


Kimberly Rae has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia. Her first novel, Stolen Woman, a suspense/romance about international human trafficking, hit the Amazon Bestseller list in the Kindle version. Find out more at www.stolenwoman.org, or read Kimberly’s real-life adventures on her blog at www.stolenwoman.blogspot.com.

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“I CANNOT BE SILENT!”: One Woman’s Battle to End Human Trafficking