How to Witness Badly

By on February 26, 2017

By Carolyne Rohrig─

I’ve been a Christian for 40 years. The first thing I did as a new believer was witness to my family, friends and neighbors because I was so excited about the Good News of the gospel. But instead of embracing my message with joy, I got bombarded by their wrath. That was my first foray into the world of witnessing.

For most people it would have ended right there. “Not for me,” they would probably have said, “let the professionals do this.” For me, I kept at it, not because I enjoy rejection and people’s anger, but because I must do it, it’s a fire in me. The desire comes from the Holy Spirit and I must use it for the glory of God regardless of the suffering involved.

In case you think I’ve become an expert, I haven’t. After all these years, it’s still not easy. My stomach continues to tighten up when I speak to someone about the Lord, but I’ve learned to push through it and do it anyway, sort of.

For example, this morning on the subway into work, a young woman sat beside me. She had a large purse, hot coffee, and was plugged into ear buds. She was listening to rock ‘n roll that was so loud everyone around us heard it. She was also playing solitaire on her smart phone. I forgot to mention she reeked of weed.

That’s when the Holy Spirit gave me the nudge. “The gospel of John, the new one in your purse.”

I ignored him and went back to my bible reading. I don’t know why I do that except maybe it’s because his timing is not my timing, I think his timing is risky, and I always have to fight against resistance.

The music continued to spill out all over me and I had no hope of continuing my bible reading.

I pulled out the gospel booklet. I handed it to her without saying a word. She pulled off her ear buds, looked at the booklet, then looked at me.

“Here’s a gift for you,” I said.

She took it.

“It’s the gospel of John from the bible,” I said.

She said thank you and opened it up. She began reading the first three pages where it shows the chasm between God and man because of sin, and how a person can be reconciled to God through the cross of Christ. 

I asked the Lord to bring her from death to life.

Then we both got off at the same stop. She went her way, I went mine.

I walked to the office with a smile on my face grateful the Holy Spirit got his way.

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How to Witness Badly