How to Talk to Men – 6 Secrets to Success

By on April 17, 2015

Just the thought of going on a date can be extremely daunting when first dipping your dating toes back in the water. Maybe dating hasn’t been on your agenda for some time, maybe even for many, many years. Is it still called ‘going on a date’ when you are over fifty? Sure it is.

Are there any ‘new rules’ that you might not know about? Have you ever come home from a date and tried to interpret the whole conversation? Talking to men can seem complicated for women. Usually, this is due to over-thinking the hidden meanings in the conversation. If you want to learn the answers to these questions and how to talk to men, just follow these 6 easy tips.

Talk Less and Listen More

This well-known piece of advice in communicating is probably the easiest to implement and the most effective in regards to understanding how to talk to men. Men lose interest and become bored with endless chitchat. Pay attention to what he’s saying, it’s very likely going to be something that has significance to him. This will then give you the hints you need to move to the next step in the conversation.

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Do Something Together

Men shy away from the idea of sitting down for the sole purpose of having a chat. Most will not do it with male friends, and they won’t really want to do it with you either. Men are much happier having a conversation if they are involved with something active, like a game of golf or going for a walk. It will be much easier to talk to him because you’ll have something to talk about and the conversation won’t feel contrived.

Just be Yourself

This sounds so straightforward and really it is just that. Fortunately, with age comes wisdom and whereas in our youth we may have tried to impress, it is never a good idea. Although you may slip up every now and then, it shows that you are human as well, which will certainly help to put him at ease. Keep in mind he’s probably just as nervous, as you are.

Just be yourself, it’s easier to talk to everybody when you aren’t keeping up a front. Be authentic and enjoy the moment.

Ask Questions

Just as you want him to ask you things to get to know you better; he also wants you to ask about his life. He doesn’t want to sit there listening ad infinitum to you talking about what you’ve been dealing with. Mention it once, and then ask him about his day or what frustrations he had to deal with.

Once you ask him questions (don’t interrogate), it gives him the chance to do what he really wants to do and that is show you just how awesome he is. So let him do that.

Let Him Lead the Conversation

This sounds somewhat old-fashioned (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but the truth is when you let him lead the conversation, he feels less pressured. Men do want to be the hunters and chasers, so when you let him begin the conversation, it shows him you are interested in hearing about his life. Don’t interrupt him to incorporate your own background, allow him to set the tone of the conversation until you both settle into a nice comfort zone in your chat.

Have Fun

Be playful, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of flirting, use your sense of humor. Being light-hearted during a conversation sends the message that you are easy and fun to be around. Don’t get hung up about being a little silly, tell a joke, even if it is a little lame. Doing this with ease, confidence and the ability to laugh at yourself will have him laughing too. Men have a ‘sense of humor’ ranked high on their must-have list, just as you do.

When you are easy to be around, he wants to be around you more.

Now You Know the Not so Secret, Secrets

Talking to men is easier than many women think it will be. Release your expectations about always having the perfect conversation and the process will be much easier.

Men are human too! Although we don’t talk to men in the same way we talk and confide with our women friends, just being aware that they go through the same emotions and have the same feelings that we have will ultimately help our communication with them.

Once a man knows he is being heard and is not going to be cut off for someone else to interject their own opinions, he will talk more. Remember, make eye contact and smile.

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How to Talk to Men – 6 Secrets to Success