How To Master Your Smartphone

By on January 21, 2018
How to Master Your Smartphone

You’ve finally given in and gotten your first smartphone. Now, you have absolutely no idea how to work it. With no number buttons or a lid to flip closed, modern phones are quite foreign in both feel and function. With a little bit of play and research, however, you’ll be a master of your new device in no time. Use these tips to better understand your smartphone and make it less frustrating.

Set It Up

When you first pull your phone out of the box, it will be a blank slate. You’ll need to customize it so that you can download apps, check your email, or post on Facebook. The first step is to set it up. The processes are a little different between iPhones and Androids but have a lot of similarities.

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If you have an Android, the first thing you’ll need to do is add a Google account. Your phone uses this account to sync your emails, contacts, apps, and more. That way, if you ever upgrade to a new phone, all of this data will transfer to it. You’ll also need to choose what you want to sync. For now, just select all of the options — you can alter these as you become more familiar with your device.

The iPhone is similar in that you need to create an Apple ID. First, though, you’ll need to choose your language and country, then connect to cellular services to activate the device. Your iPhone also will ask you to create a passcode and touch ID. The passcode is a PIN number you enter to access your phone, while touch ID uses your fingerprints.

Learn the Interface

Congratulations, you’ve set up either your Android or iPhone. Now the real work begins, as you’ll need to learn to navigate the interface. To turn on the screen, press the home button — the round circle on an iPhone or the oval shape on an Android. Both devices have a lock screen that appears when you turn them on. Depending on what you set up, you’ll either need to swipe, enter the passcode, or scan your fingerprint to access your phone.

Once you get past that, you’ll be taken to your home screen. This is the main menu of your phone and will have your most important apps, such as the phone, contacts, and web browser along the bottom. At the top, you’ll see a stripe with the time and your battery level. Notifications from your apps also appear here, such as when you get a new email. Tap here and swipe down to view them all, then swipe to the side to clear them.

Delete Apps from the Home Screen

Don’t like the configuration of apps on your home screen? Maybe you want only the important things on your main page. To move apps around, the process is similar between iPhones and Androids. Just press and hold down on the app until it wiggles or a menu appears. Move the app to the trash can on Android to remove it from the screen, or hit the X on the iPhone.

Avoid Resetting Your Phone

Let’s say you’ve messed up the settings on your phone and you don’t know how to change them back. However, you do see the option telling you how to reset an iPhone. While it seems tempting, you should avoid doing this. Resetting your phone will completely erase all of your data, meaning you’ll have to start back at square one and set up everything again. If you have any pictures, contacts, or apps, these will all be deleted.

Generally, resetting a phone is reserved for when your phone is corrupted or you’re preparing to sell it to another person. It’s not something to do because you accidentally switched your home screen template. If you really can’t figure out how to fix your settings, ask a younger loved one to have a look. Chances are, they’ll switch things back to your liking in just a few seconds.

Learning how to use your new phone will be tricky at first. You’ll definitely make some mistakes that will probably require someone from a younger generation to fix. After a time, however, you’ll become just as skilled as them at maneuvering through the interface of your device.

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How To Master Your Smartphone