How to Make Hospital Visits as Hassle-Free as Possible

By on August 10, 2017

Dealing with hospitals can be tough for everybody involved and luckily, there are professional services like Slater and Gordon injury claims on hand for if something does happen to go wrong. However as part of the #HospitalHelpingHand campaign, we wanted to offer you some tips and advice to make visiting your loved ones in hospital as stress-free and streamline as possible.

A little something to make them smile

No matter how comfortable the hospital staff make you feel and no matter how many cups of tea they bring you, there really is no avoiding how much you miss your own space when you’re an in-patient. Those little luxuries you take for granted every day become paramount so it’s nice to take your patient a little reminder of those all-important home comforts. A framed photograph, a freshly washed blanket or their favourite bedside ornament are all perfect ideas.

Know the rules around fresh food and flowers

When you think of hospital visits, you think of big bouquets of flowers and a bunch of green get-well-soon grapes. However there are now new rules around what you can and can’t take onto the ward in terms of fresh flowers and food or drink produce. These restrictions may differ from hospital to hospital so find some time to read up on what you can and can’t take before you stock up on fruit, flowers and luxurious nibbles.

Keep your hygiene in check

When stepping over the threshold of a hospital environment, the spread of germs becomes more significant than ever. As well as not wanting to bring anything from the outside in, you also don’t want to be leaving the building with any unwanted ailments yourself. To help reduce the spread of germs when you go to visit a loved one in hospital, make sure you remain rigorous with handwashing and follow all hospital hygiene advice. 

If your loved one is suffering from something extremely contagious it is likely that their visiting opportunities will be limited. However if you are granted access to visit somebody with a particularly contagious illness, consider wearing a medical mask to reduce the risk of inhaling germs. You’ll always find antibacterial hand gel around the ward and typically at the foot of each patient’s bed so make sure you use this regularly during your visit. 

Stick to the visiting hours 

Before you head off to visit a friend or family in hospital, make sure you check with a member of staff on the ward or consult the hospital website so you’re aware of the allotted visiting hours. The regulations around visiting times often vary from ward to ward so just make sure you’re not turning up at the wrong time. 

It’s also important to ensure that you keep your bedside etiquette in check. Firstly, make sure you’re not outstaying your welcome. If the person you’re visiting looks like they might need to sleep or if they need some privacy, be sure to take the cue and be on your way. Secondly, always be wary of the other patients around you – keep conversation volume down and stay respectful of their personal space. 

Bring along a boredom buster 

As well as taking a little something to remind your loved one of home, it’s also a great idea to provide them with something to stimulate their brain and fight the bedrest boredom. Hospitals usually have on-site stores where you can pick up a magazine, a newspaper or a puzzle book but if you want to personalise it a little more, why not gift them with a new book from their favourite author. 

For more helpful hints and advice on what you can do to make visiting your loved ones in hospital as enjoyable as possible, download this handy eBook. Feel free to share via your own social media channels using the hashtag #HospitalHelpingHand

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How to Make Hospital Visits as Hassle-Free as Possible