How Do You Get God’s Help?

God is all powerful, all knowing and all loving. He knows the answers to all the world’s problems. He knows your life and business and dreams better than you do. He also has more invested in you than you do. So if God knows our business, our dreams, our life better than us, the key question is how do we get access to what He knows?

Recently Kris Vallotton made a presentation to local business people on Developing Your Spiritual Quotient – your spiritual intelligence. Most people understand IQ (mental intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence) but few are exercising their spiritual intelligence (SQ). You can access the free notes and powerpoint presentation on

Kris told stories from when he had his vehicle repair shop and he had the revelation that the gifts of the Spirit were not limited to Sunday ministry. In fact they were designed to be used in every aspect of your daily life. Once you are walking in the Kingdom of God there is no secular:sacred divide – wherever you are the Kingdom is at hand, and whatever you do is ministry. So Kris decided to try asking God for answers to his daily challenges… in diagnosing vehicle problems.

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The first time this happened Kris had been working for a period of time trying to diagnose why a certain vehicle was not working. At then end of himself he frustratingly said “God, what is wrong with this?!!!” A short moment later a thought popped in his mind, “The diode under the left fender is bad.” He didn’t even know there was a diode in that location. He checked and sure enough there was a diode with bad wiring. He repaired it and completed the job. From then on he began to develop his ability to ask, hear and respond to the solutions he heard.

So what are the keys to accessing what God knows about your life, your dreams, your business? How do you get God help?

1. Believe (have expectation) in your heart that God knows the answers

Everything in the kingdom works on faith. God knows everything so God knows the answer to your problem and to the worlds problems.

2. Believe that He wants to tell you

Approach Him with faith-filled expectation. He is a extravagantly loving Father and He wants to do something with you today. What are the questions you could ask Him?

3. Figure out how He speaks to you (ASK)

Does He speak to you through a picture in your mind, a thought, a feeling, a dream, a scripture, an impression, a smell….? Be open to whatever way He wants to speak. At times I have been asking questions of Father God when a text or email arrives with the very thing I needed. Other times I will have dreams that seem random at the time but two weeks later are key to helping me make decisions.

4. Take a risk (DO)

Check the diode, try and try again. Learn. The only way to find out is to take a risk and experiment. If you treat everything you do as a learning opportunity, an experiment, then you can only improve. My life is a testimony, a living history of my walk with God, learning His voice and His ways. Yours is the same.

Finally, post your testimonies of hearing God in different situations and the way He spoke to you. Your personal victory can become a corporate victory as you release the testimony for God to ‘do it again.’


Originally posted on Dream Culture.

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How Do You Get God’s Help?
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