Home Improvements That Over 50’s Should Consider

By on September 23, 2019
Home improvements

Your housing needs change over time, and while your current house may be your dream home, as you age you may start to find certain features that you use to love become impractical or annoying. That’s why, when you hit the big 5-0, it’s worth considering your changing needs when you make home improvements. Some planning now can mean you live in your home for longer, staying close to your memories and loved ones. 

  • An accessible bathroom

The bathroom is one place where people often struggle once their mobility starts to decline. Luckily, there are lots of gadgets and fittings that are designed to help you out. Some ways you can improve your bathroom include:

  • Switching to a wet room with walk-in shower
  • Adding rails for extra support
  • Fitting a walk-in bath
  • Using non-slip tiles on the floor

You could also consider adding a bathroom to your ground floor to make it easier to access during the day. Converting a garage or other space into a half bath can also be useful.

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  • Rethink your kitchen layout

As you get older, getting around rooms like the kitchen can get more difficult, so a few minor adjustments can make all the difference. Next time you renovate your kitchen, ensure the sink, stove and fridge are close to each other and ensure the kitchen cabinets are kept at an easy to reach level. Consider installing a shallow sink so you aren’t hunched over and choose taps that are easy to open and close.

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  • Find a way to get between floors

The stairs are one of the major hurdles for older people who want to continue living in their homes. While you can look at options such as switching to a ground floor bedroom, it’s easier to simply find a way to get up and down the stairs unaided. Look into the price of stairlifts, as this is often cheaper than alternatives such as platform lifts or elevators. 

  • Create a comfortable living room

Your living room should be a relaxing sanctuary, and there are a few practical additions that’ll make it even more pleasant for you. There are a number of devices that can help you go from sitting to standing with minimal struggle, but many older people find it’s worth investing in a reclining chair that also lifts. These chairs tilt forwards slightly, making it easier to get up, and they’re very comfortable for when you just want to relax and watch some TV. If you want to try this kind of technology first without spending a lot, you can also get manual lifting cushions which you can use in different chairs that help lift you as you push off with your arms.

Rising beds are also helpful in the bedroom, as some people find it uncomfortable to get in and out of bed, especially when you’ve got stiff joints on a cold morning. 

  • Add smart technology to your home

As older people start to embrace smart technology, many of them are finding that it can really help them in day to day life. Smart speakers, such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home can be connected to many devices in your home, so you can control your lights or appliances just by saying a command. This technology can also keep your home safer, and many older people find that video doorbells can be reassuring, allowing them to see who’s outside before they open the door.

While you might be getting older, there’s no reason why you need to move into a retirement apartment just yet! Simply making a few adjustments to your home can make it practical if your mobility worsens, so you can stay in the place you love while still being comfortable.


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Home Improvements That Over 50’s Should Consider