Want To Know How To Make Your Hips Look Smaller?

By on May 23, 2013
woman pinching her fat on hip

You too can jump for joy when you learn how to minimize your hips with the following tips and my video:

5 Tips to Visually Reduce Your Hips Without Dieting.

1. Emphasize the top part of your body with details at the shoulders.
2. If you are narrower on top, then a great way to balance your shape is to wear horizontal strips on top, but only if your hips are much wider than your shoulders.
3. Use necklaces and scarves in colors that brig out your eyes to draw attention up.
4. Wear tops that skim the hip area instead of being tight around your widest part.
5. Wear pants that fall straight down from your widest part, so so not wear pants that are tapered.

I have multiple ways to minimize certain parts of a women’s body while accentuating other parts, but in this video, I share one of my ways to make your hips look smaller.

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Want To Know How To Make Your Hips Look Smaller?