Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Over 60s

By on February 22, 2021
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Growing older can feel like a burden, but it doesn’t have to. How we approach aging and manage our life can have a big impact on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. If you’ve reached your 60s and are keen to stay active and healthy, the healthy lifestyle tips below may help.  

Keep Your Brain Active

The brain requires a certain amount of activity to stay healthy. This is especially important in later years when the risk of developing dementia increases. Research has consistently shown that engaging the brain in puzzles or learning something new keeps it healthy and stimulated. Whether it’s a crossword puzzle, a brain teaser, or challenging yourself to learn a new skill, by keeping your brain active, you’re also maintaining its health for longer.

Manage Your Medical Care

Managing your medical care is important at any stage of your life, but particularly when you’re over 60. Ensuring that you’re registered with a local doctor and that you attend regular check-ups and tests will help you stay ahead of the game. By being preventative, you’re prioritizing your health, which minimizes the chance of undetected or ongoing illness. 

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Stay Active

Staying active is vital for good health. Regular exercise promotes a healthy weight, manages blood pressure, improves cognition, and supports your immune system. While cycling, walking, and aerobic activity are still great when you’re over 60, it’s also important to engage in slower mobility movements such as yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi. These kinds of activities will improve your range of mobility in the joints, as well as enhance your flexibility and improve relaxation.

Look After Your Eyes

One area of our body that can often be neglected as we age is our eyes. Aging affects the eyes in different ways and can lead to reduced vision, inflammation, or more serious diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. By getting your eyes checked regularly, wearing sunglasses, and wearing glasses, or getting corrective lenses like PanOptix, can go a long way to keeping your vision as good as it can be. 

Take Up a Hobby

If you don’t already have one, taking up a hobby is an excellent activity for a happy mind, body, and soul. Doing something you love will help you feel good about yourself and give you something to look forward to. If you’re over 60 and retired, taking up a hobby such as crafts, arts, book clubs, calligraphy, drawing, dancing, or sport could improve both your physical and mental health. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude About Aging

While most people would love to maintain the energy and appearance of their youth, aging also has its own list of benefits. With aging comes more wisdom, experience, skill, and the opportunity to pursue other ambitions. By keeping a positive perspective about aging, it will help you feel better about yourself and keep you healthier as a result. In fact, studies have shown that this kind of attitude can add up to 7.5 years to your life!

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Over 60s