Healthy Foods You Should Have in Your Shopping Cart

By on September 19, 2013
healthy foods

A healthy diet is essential to lead a healthy life, especially the older you get. Clichéd as it may sound, you are what you eat!

And as age catches up, keeping fit is not just about maintaining your weight, but also keeping illness at bay. So, put down the coffee and stop munching on jelly bars. Here’s what you should include in your next grocery list:


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Soybeans may not seem like the tastiest option, but they score high in nutrition. Phosphorous, copper and B-complex are its grants to you. Phosphorous and copper convert food into energy. They further help in efficiently releasing this energy to keep you active all day.

Soybeans also contain B-complex, which helps churn the carbs that you consume into glucose – your body’s fuel.

Taste tip: Mix soybeans in a mayonnaise salad, and relish it with veggie sticks.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate, really? But make it dark, please.  The dark variety gives you an excellent boost in magnesium and iron, and also helps in better blood circulation.

Taste Tip: Hot, melted dark chocolate over a slice of whole wheat bread is bliss.


Easy to peel, easy to eat. This is one fruit, which need not be soaked in clean water or washed before eating..

Potassium and Vitamin B are found in rich amounts. It stabilises blood sugar and improves digestion.

Taste Tip: Banana Rotis (not drenched in oil) are yummilicious. All you got to do is smash a banana into the roti flour batter.


Eggs are rich in protein, helping you build muscles and bones, and replenish energy levels after an intense workout. They also contain Vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones. Vitamin D deposits in your body cuts down risks of fracture as you grow older.

However, if you are calorie-conscious, you can opt to consume only the egg white.

Taste Tip: Boil your egg for 7 minutes on a medium flame. You will get a gooey feel from the yellow portion. This tastes better than the hardboiled egg.


This is a grain, which keeps you feeling full and good until it’s time for the next meal. It’s rich in proteins and complex carbs.

Taste Tip: A Quinoa cake is going to make you forget every other cake you’ve had.


You must have heard people saying that carrots are good for eyesight. The Vitamin A in carrots is transformed to rhodopsin in the retina. What’s rhodopsin, you ask? It’s a pigment required for night vision.

In fact, carrots also act as weapons to combat smoking. Cigarettes have high amount of nicotine, which drains the energy required by the body. Also, tobacco helps build carcinogenic bacteria affecting lungs, gums and almost every other body part. Carrots are rich in cancer-fighting nutrients and also keep the mouth busy and the mind distracted from cigarettes—a fact that is supported by recent studies.

Taste Tip: Chop in carrots and celery into a spinach salad. Celery is another accomplice that combats smoking.


Your body needs fatty acids too. Even a small portion of a salmon consists of good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from being a heart-healthy food, it improves blood circulation and brain activity.

However, if you have adopted the vegan path, don’t worry – you can include almonds and eggs in your diet for this.

Taste Tip: Salmon in a baked dish is like the cherry on top.

Opt to eat small portions every 2-3 hours, rather than gorging large portions after every 8-9 hours. Another way to ‘Eat Right’ is to stop buying what’s not right. In this way, when you open your fridge, you can just choose from the healthy options.

Sorry, no unhealthy options in store! So, feel right and look right by ensuring that you eat right!

About the author: Vani Chugh writes for e-cigarettereviewed. She is a professional blogger and writes on various topics including health and technology.

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Healthy Foods You Should Have in Your Shopping Cart