Growing Your Ecommerce Business

By on March 5, 2019

With template driven platforms making it easy for people to start up their own eCommerce stores, you might be considering running one of your own. After all, if you want to make money online, setting up an eCommerce store is a great way to get started. However, just setting up a store is not enough. Instilling trust and careful advertising are key to successfully growing your eCommerce business.

Trust is A Must

One of the primary methods proven to boost sales within your eCommerce site is to instill trust within your sales funnel. That might sound complicated, but let’s just break it down to see what it really means. The buying process can be looked upon as a funnel potential buyers must go through before an transaction is completed. Ensuring the customer’s trust at each stage of the funnel will move you ever closer to converting shoppers into buyers.

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For the product page, there are a couple of things you can do in order to boost trust. One is to include reviews of the products that are being displayed. By displaying reviews, you will be able to provide some ‘Social Proof,’ in terms of how good the product actually is. In fact, 77 percent of people consult online reviews before purchasing something – so it’s worth displaying any if you can.

Another step you can take is to install a ‘live chat’ option on your site. Research has shown that consumers prefer live chat over all other forms of customer service. Premium website templates, like Shopify’s come with this feature built in.


Properly implemented, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can generate sales for your ecommerce store. You might think garnering paid traffic is expensive, and you’ve probably heard stories of people who spent a lot of money – and saw no return. However, implemented carefully, PPC can be quite affordable. Further, once you find your specific formula for a winning campaign, it can take your business to the next level.

Take it Slowly at First

Many people who are new to the concept think they need to dump a lot of money into a pay per click campaign. Yet this is often the worst way of going about things. A better approach is to spend small amounts of money at a time. A good suggested starting point is no more than $50. Even though Facebook Ad prices have risen by 247 percent, spending small amounts on the platform can still teach you a lot. It’s important to spend small amounts, because there’s no guarantee your early campaigns are going to work out. This gives you the room—and the time—to experiment to find your niche.

Before You Start Though…

Your success will be wholly reliant upon knowing your customer well. You can’t hope to run any sort of an effective campaign if you don’t know who your end customer is and what they need.

Take stock of your wares, look at the problems they solve and ask yourself what segment of the population best stands to benefit from them. Remember, the primary reason people shop is to find solutions to problems they’re having. Focusing your market as narrowly as possible will give you a well-defined target. This will make your efforts go farther, regardless of the size of your budget.

Of course, these are but two components of the process of successfully growing your eCommerce business. Content marketing, search engine optimization and careful product curation are also key. Taking some time to research all of the possibilities before you make binding decisions is always a good idea.


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Growing Your Ecommerce Business