The Grey Debate

By on November 10, 2012

By Becky Redpath –

There was an interesting newspaper article a couple of days ago in which TV presenter Fiona Bruce revealed, that as a result of pressure from television bosses for female personalities to look permanently youthful, she had been colouring her greying hair for some time . This is despite the fact that her male counterparts have no reservations or constraints in appearing in front of the camera sporting silver locks!

According to the article only two female news broadcasters or journalists have ever appeared with grey hair on camera.

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The article got me thinking about the whole issue of grey hair and if, or when, we should give up battling with bottles of hair colour, or long costly sessions in the hairdresser’s and let the natural ageing process take its course. Do we colour our hair in a last ditch effort to cling onto our youth, as we are constantly bombarded with images of air brushed celebrities, or is it simply a question of vanity?

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I hit 50 this year, but as yet, bar a few silver strands my hair remains the colour I was born with. Perhaps I will take after my 80 year old father, who still hasn’t gone completely grey, but if not I know for sure that once those grey strands start rigorously multiplying I will be heading straight out for a bottle of hair colour.

But is that conviction my desire to remain youthful or is it because I feel pressure to do so? Let’s face it simply keeping my hair brown, as the rest of me ages, is not going to fool anyone!

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There is no doubt however that grey is associated with age…old age, and once you take the decision to go grey people will assume that you are, at the very least, middle aged, however good your skin or figure.

Grey, silver or white hair can look stunning but it does need proper maintenance. Regular cutting and styling and the use of products that will keep the hair in tip top condition are essential. If you have recently decided to give up the fight with the ever advancing grey roots, and embrace silver, it is also worth rethinking your makeup and colours.

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I know that part of my reticence in going grey is more to do with the fact that my hair tends to be dry and frizzy, and that any strand of silver that has already made an appearance is even more so. Grey frizzy curls are difficult to control and will never be chic!

But essentially, if the truth be told, it boils down to vanity….I want to look and feel the best I possibly can for my age, shape and size, and for the moment at least, going grey is not part of that equation…. however give me 10 years and a fortune spent on hair colour and I might feel very differently!

How do you feel about going grey? Have you embraced your silver locks and feel a sense of release to no longer be tied to a bottle of hair colour? Send me your comments, or better still some photos!

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The Grey Debate