From Sweats and T-Shirts to Loungewear

By on March 23, 2015

Every woman deserves to feel luxurious, beautiful and uplifted in both body and mind – even when you are just spending a quiet night at home relaxing, or sleeping in on a Sunday morning. You deserve to look and feel just as sexy as any lingerie model. The problem is, for many of us, many lingerie companies designs are just as impossible to wear, as it is to look like the runway models who advertise them.

Most women have curves, shapes, and sizes that vary as much as our personalities, we cast shadows that easily overlap those of runway models. Soulevant chemises are designed to bring out the princess in you, day or night. They support you in all the right places, flatter you in all the best places, and beautify you in all the right ways. You don’t have to settle for unflattering loungewear or sweats and tees that make you feel frumpy.

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Soulevant chemises are designed for all women, all sizes and shapes – you look like you’re wearing a stunning little number, but feel as comfortable as you would in your old lounge clothes.

Soulevant chemiseOne of the most striking qualities I noticed was how much built-in support one of these chemises provides – without the confinement of straps and hooks and under-wires. Even better are the choices of both solid color and patterned designs. You can wear a different one every day and never look anything other than your best. Soulevant chemises are soothing enough to sleep in, practical enough to wear on a long walk, and pretty enough to wear out to dinner. And best of all – they make you feel and look stunning. There’s not much more you can ask for in a nightgown.

M.E. Simpson is a freelance writer and content marketing professional, who writes for numerous online and print publications. She currently resides in south-central PA and enjoys Zumba and playing the piano.


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From Sweats and T-Shirts to Loungewear