Gift Ideas for New Parents

By on November 19, 2019
New parents

With Christmas around the corner, it is really likely that you are already thinking of gifts that your loved ones would adore. However, when it comes down to it, on some occasions we aren’t completely sure what our loved ones could need instead of want. Yes, everybody wants a new gigantic TV, but there are much more practical gifts that you could get your nephew that has a PlayStation but always wears the same run-down t-shirt, or the struggling new parents that already have over 50 baby onesies. Not to mention the huge amount of stress new parents are under, and thinking about gifts that might help in that respect is also a big goal. In this article, we are going to suggest some gift ideas for new parents that might not be the gift they want, but it is definitely the one they need.

    1. Nappies/ Diapers in bulk: While everybody gets the baby gorgeous, lovely onesies no one ever thinks about the essentials; and buying the parents some nappies in bulk will not only save them money but also a lot of time and headaches! If you want something more personal and cute, you can always get the baby some special reusable nappies that can be washed in the laundry machine.
    2. Homemade meals: We can almost guarantee that the parents will be way too exhausted from caring for a fussy baby to worry about cooking, so it is likely they have been eating microwavable lasagna for weeks. Cook them a hearty homemade meal, get the delivery at home or even better, cook them a bunch of healthy meals that can be frozen and then reheated easily.
    3. Some canvas prints of photos of their new little bubba. Neither of the new parents is going to have any free time to think about things like that, so taking the time to do it for them could make a great present. Just get some of your favorite shots of the parents with their new bubba and 
    4. While and that they will stay up many nights either feeding the baby or caring for it, so get them a subscription to a streaming service so they can have fun even during those hard nights. It doesn’t matter if it’s Netflix, Spotify or iTunes, you will see the gratefulness build up in their tired eyes.

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  1. A door muffler: Imagine the despair of having spent hours rocking your baby, holding it and trying to get them to sleep and finally managing… Only for the baby to be woken up by the sound of the door closing. UGH! So run to Amazon and find the new tired parents a door muffler that will completely eliminate the sound of the baby room’s door opening or closing!
  2. A snack subscription box: With the whole “I have no time to go out and do the groceries” it is quite likely that the new parents are running on empty all the time when it comes to food, so a snack subscription box will not only provide them with new snacks they can eat but it will also bring some excitement into their lives when discovering the snacks!

All in all, new parents will be really grateful no matter which kind of gift you offer, but some gifts are more needed than others and by cooking them a homemade meal, cleaning their house or getting them groceries you will be making all the difference in their lives.


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Gift Ideas for New Parents