Get Healthier with Muscadines – A Super Fruit of The South

By on March 31, 2017
Get Healthier with Muscadines – A Super Fruit of The South

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Muscadines are one of the South’s best-kept secrets. Native to Southeastern United States, the uniqueness of this powerful fruit doesn’t stop at its name. The list of nutritional benefits include helping joint and muscle pain, controlling normal blood pressure, enhancing nerve and muscle functions, helping with digestion and much more. 

Muscadines offer a natural remedy for dealing with many signs of aging, including:


Many don’t realize that inflammation is a normal and necessary part of our immune defense, and is involved in healing and regeneration. Acute inflammation is necessary for fighting infections, healing wounds, and ensuring healthy tissue. However, it is chronic inflammation that cause so many discomfort and seems to come along with injury or age.

Chronic inflammation is at the core of many health issues, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, degenerative joint and muscular diseases, pain perception, cognitive decline, mental health problems including depression, and the initiation and progression of cancer.

Quiet as its kept. the Muscadine grape has strong anti-inflammatory properties. These biological properties have different advantages whether using skin, seed, or juice.The many anti-inflammatory properties are fundamental for the health supportive activities of muscadine products. The strong anti-inflammatory effects of muscadine grape have been documented in a broad number of experimental and clinical models.

Heart Health

Muscadine grape products have been studied for effects on markers for cardiovascular health. The muscadine seed contains tocotrienols, known for the beneficial effects on blood lipids. The relaxing and dilating effect on arteries may be related to improved function of the blood vessel walls, as well as reduced build-up of arterial plaque, and may also be related to beneficial effect on normalizing blood pressure; however, these areas are currently under further research.

Cancer Prevention

A number of cellular functions go astray when a cell in the body goes from functioning normally to become a cancer cell. Compounds in Muscadine grapes have been shown to harness dysfunctional cells, to some extent by killing them, and also to limit their spread in the body.

The list of muscadine benefits goes on and on, some additional benefits include:

  • Contain a powerful cast of phytochemicals
  • Contain more antioxidants, polyphenols and ellagic acid than most other fruits
  • Slows the aging process
  • Aids in maintaining healthy digestion
  • Controls normal blood pressure
  • Enhances nerve and muscular functions

The Paulk’s Pride brand offers dietary supplements, juices, and jellies made from muscadines freshly harvested at Paulk Vineyards.

One way to enjoy life to the fullest is to live a healthier lifestyle. Seems simple enough, but many of us have a hard time with new routines or changing diets for the long haul. The key is finding something you enjoy to help you to live a healthier lifestyle. If it is too difficult or inconvenient, we resort back to what is comfortable. “Paulk’s Pride products provide nutritional and energetic boosts, that not only make you feel good and help with numerous health issues, but the taste is something that makes it easy to add the products to an every day routine all year long,” says Chris Paulk of Paulk’s Pride.

To add muscadine products to your diet consider:

  • Purple Muscadine Juice
  • White Muscadine Juice
  • Muscadine Capsules
  • Muscadine Seed Capsules
  • Muscadine Skin Powder

About Paulk’s Pride

Papa Jacob Paulk planted the first muscadine vine in 1970. Almost 50 years later, the Paulk family has become synonymous with the muscadine industry, growing from that first vine to over 600 acres of muscadines and scuppernongs harvested for fresh produce sales.  Today, innovation meets legacy when it comes to Paulk’s Pride. The rich farming heritage mixed with modern industry and technology, results in healthy, natural, and simple products. 

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Get Healthier with Muscadines – A Super Fruit of The South