Be Frugal and Healthy: Eat Dried Beans

By on March 8, 2012

Want to make 2012 a frugal and healthy year (healthy = save money on medical costs)? Dried Beans are the answer and they are CHEAP! Compare the price of dried beans to meat and poultry – YIKES!! Great savings when you switch a few of your meals!!

Increase dried beans in your diet – they are full of fiber, especially soluble fiber ,which helps lower  blood sugar (glucose) and cholesterol. They are also a good source of protein, along with lots of vitamins and minerals.

1)    Substitute beans for meat in your meals.

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2)    Add beans to soups, rice side dishes, vegetable and pasta salads and the list goes on.

3)    Need to hide them: puree them. You can even freeze them in old fashioned ice cube trays and pop a cube in your recipes. More “puree” tips below!!

a)    Red kidney beans in tomato sauce

b)    Black beans in a brownie mix (puree one can, liquid and all – mix in a Brownie mix without anything else and cook according to box directions). You can also add 1/4 cup wheat germ, 1 tablespoon water and chopped walnuts (as desired) along with the black bean puree.

c)     Mix in with your ground low-fat turkey breast or 93% reduced fat beef for a healthier burger.

d)    Puree white beans and add to mashed potatoes

What are you waiting for?


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Be Frugal and Healthy: Eat Dried Beans