Freezing Eggs & Other Money Saving Ideas

By on October 7, 2012

I’m always looking for ideas that will help me stretch my dollars. So yesterday I spent a little time searching the internet for useful tips and came across some sites that I thought you might enjoy checking out. Maybe there’s something new that you haven’t thought of doing.

I know I’ve never thought of freezing eggs when I find a good deal on them. I will from now on!

How to Freeze Eggs from the Thrifty Couple

The Peaceful Mom has an interesting 30 post series called Living On Less Than $28,000 A Year that I read through and found some good ideas and things to think about. She also has Financial Updates where she shares about her family finances.

The Budget Diet has a post on how to Cut Your Spending by $400 A Month. Most of the things she listed I already do but maybe some ideas would be new to you. As usual, I find the comments by readers most interesting. My favorite comment was.

“Be thankful for ALL you have! Saves a ton instead of shopping for MORE!”

Something worth remembering!

So read the comments for some awesome tips if the post doesn’t have anything new for you.

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Freezing Eggs & Other Money Saving Ideas