Freelance Writing After 50 – An Opportunity for a New Start?

By on October 23, 2014
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Some people make the mistake of assuming that freelancing is more suitable for young people; freelance writing in particular is a field often associated, somewhat inaccurately, with youth. In fact, women over the age of 50 have a huge amount to offer and to gain, from becoming freelance writers.

The benefits

One of the biggest issues that people have for not going into freelancing is the perceived lack of income security, relative to full time permanent employment. This tends to be less of a consideration for people in the later stages of their careers or who may be retired and receiving a monthly pension who often have less debt and fewer financial commitments than they did when they were younger or raising a family.

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If you are in this age group you could be in the position to take advantages of freelancing opportunities. Not only is there the competitive financial pay that can potentially be earned, but also the flexibility to manage your time to suit yourself and concentrate on the jobs and activities that truly interest you.

It also provides a means to slow down, if you want to, as retirement approaches or if you are already retired. It’s a great way to manage your work at a pace that suits you.

An interested audience

The audience for articles and other pieces of writing from older generations is also increasing, driven particularly by the greater numbers of people joining the online world every day. Older people want to hear voices similar to their own discussing subjects that are of interest to them, while younger people want to benefit from the wisdom and experience of older mature women and men.

As a result, more and more women over the age of 50, one of the fastest growing demographics within social media in general, are writing blogs or building social media networks on which to publish and promote their work and have their voice heard. These are some of the most popular places for employers of freelance writers to seek new talent.

Making it happen

Being a freelancer effectively means running your life like a business. You are your product and must market and manage yourself accordingly. One of the most beneficial things you can do is free up as much time as possible to devote to the actual profit-making, creative side of things by investing in professional support to take care of the administrative duties that would typically be managed by an employing organization. Umbrella company services provide invaluable support in this regard by taking care of issues such as payments, tax returns and other crucial, and sometimes onerous, tasks.

An exciting future

Making such a bold step, especially at a stage in life when most people are either settled into a particular lifestyle, with a series of set routines, or perhaps even considering slowing down, can sometimes seem daunting. However, there are huge benefits to be enjoyed from moving into freelancing, which can help provide the sort of lifestyle you have always wanted as well as giving you an unprecedented control and flexibility.

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Freelance Writing After 50 – An Opportunity for a New Start?