Four Ways to Help Make Your Next Holiday Stress Free

By on June 28, 2018

Holidays are meant to be a great way to unwind and relax and whilst this is normally the case once you’re there, getting packed and to the airport on time can often create some stress. Especially if you have a few people to get organised or you’re travelling from an airport a little further from home. To ensure your holiday is as stress free as possible, including the prep and travelling, it’s always best to get as much prepared as you can! We’ve listed some ways below that will help… 

Get everything together ahead of time 

We’ve all been there, the last-minute panic trying to find the ‘safe place’ you left your passport and other important documents. It can often be in the most unexpected of places, but to save yourself some unnecessary stress make sure you find this with plenty of time to spare. Packing these ahead of your departure means you won’t be running around in a panic, pop them in your hand luggage and have them to hand. 

Get the right travel cover

When it comes to getting organised before you travel, then it’s worth making sure that you have the important things such as travel insurance and any important documents for your protection sorted. When it comes to getting the right travel cover, there are a lot of policies to choose from, from over 75’s travel insurance to worldwide or a policy that covers pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to make sure you do a little research on which policy is best suited to you and your travel plans! 

Stay at the airport the night before

If you’ve got an early morning flight to catch, then save yourself the early wake up call and the tiresome drive to the airport, and book into a hotel in or near the airport. If you’re flying from Gatwick, they have accommodation options within the airport. Bloc is situated in the South terminal and means you wake up close to security and departure gates. They also have some offers to use at selected restaurants, so you can grab yourself some breakfast before your flight! Other airports also have some great accommodation options, so it’s worth considering, just to make that early morning a little easier! 

Check in early 

Checking in early often allows you to get the seats you’d prefer, which is great if you’re travelling in pairs or there’s a group of you. You can also make the most of the bag drop option at check in, which can really speed things up when it comes to getting through to the departure lounge. You can often check in online and most airlines have apps that make seeing your ticket and flight information simple! Once you’ve checked in and dropped off your bags, you can head through to the departure lounge early and make the most of duty free and the restaurants on the other side! 

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Four Ways to Help Make Your Next Holiday Stress Free