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By on June 1, 2011
flying high

By  Prudence Lay, Feature Editor –

Do you ever wonder where your fears come from?  The fears I am referring to are what I would term “irrational” fears of modern day common place things. I believe they are sent by the enemy of our souls to keep us in bondage.  Consider that most snakes are harmless, yet many people won’t even look at them on a television screen.  Consider how many people are terrified to travel by plane even though millions of passengers fly every day and make it to their destinations in one piece.  And then there is that fear of high places that many are afflicted with, including the writer of this article.

I can’t remember a time that I have not been afraid of heights.  Anything over three stories has the ability to make me a little sick to my stomach if I go near the edge or look down from an un-enclosed room or area.  Flying in a plane works for me simply because I have this sense of security from being enclosed, combined with moving at such a speed that I can almost convince myself that I am sitting in my living room. 

You see, I was born under a wandering star.  I absolutely LOVE to travel.  Meeting new people, seeing new things, experiencing different cultures all make my heart sing.  It can be a trip across the country or a trip across the world, I love it all!  So imagine my joy a few months ago when I received an unexpected financial blessing and was able to travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a seminar I had been wanting to attend and having  a few extra days to relax and soak up the sun. 

I stayed at the Riu Palace – a truly beautiful resort.  The rooms were spotless and spacious. The grounds were gorgeous and the pools the perfect temperature.  The service was exemplary and the staff courteous.  This is an all-inclusive resort so the food was also included.  Everything I ate was amazing!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Riu Palace Cabo.  If you should have an opportunity to visit Cabo San Lucas, I highly recommend this resort.  I had the time of my life.

All week long, when I had free time, I would sit by the pool or on the beach and watch the beautiful parasails floating past.  The boats taking people out were departing right from the beach in front of the resort.  I watched and thought about how different the view would be from that high over the ocean.  I didn’t for one minute think of going though, oh no, not me!

Imagine how shocked I was when I was sitting in my very comfortable lounge chair next to the pool on the next to the last day when I heard the Lord speak to me.  He said, “Prudence, I want you to go parasailing this afternoon.”   I dumbly said back to God, with my mouth hanging open, “WHAT?”  Well you can guess the rest.  I argued with Him, explaining that He knew how afraid of heights I was and God, this was unthinkable!  I mean, had He seen that little sling you hang in that is tethered by a mere rope to the back of the boat?  He assured me that yes, He knew and yes He had, but He still wanted me to go.  Something happened then my friends that changed me forever.  I stopped arguing and said yes, I’ll go.  I really am afraid of what I am about to do, but Lord if you want me to, I am willing.

I walked down, paid my money (yes I even had to pay money to be scared out of my mind) and stood still for the next twenty minutes waiting for the boat to come pick me up.  Soon enough I was in the boat with my life jacket on and zooming across the sapphire blue water.  This was fun!  I love the water and I grew up around boats, so this was really enjoyable.  I watched another passenger get hooked up and laughed and waved as she disappeared into the sky.

The next little bit is a blur.  It was suddenly my turn.  I got hooked to the cable and the next thing I knew the boat was becoming a dot in the distance.  I became so afraid that I literally could not breathe. I truly thought I would have a heart attack because my chest ached so badly and my heart was pounding so hard.  I was panic stricken.  The guides had told me that my ride would last 11 minutes and I was only into it about 30 seconds!  How would I survive this?  I began to pray like I never have in my life.  All I could repeat was Lord, I know You love me and You will NOT let me fall.  I must have said that 25 times over.  I was holding on to the ropes so tightly that I had marks in my hands for about 24 hours.

As the minutes passed, and I kept talking to God something amazing happened.  I began to feel peaceful.  I was still afraid, but it was different.  I sensed God presence.  I heard Him say to me, “Prudence, I am taking you to new places and I needed to see if you were willing to go with me on this journey”.  I began to weep with gratitude for my heavenly Father who knows me so well and still loves me so completely. 

The final five minutes of the ride, I was actually able to look around and enjoy how spectacularly beautiful everything was.  At 600’ in the air it is also blissfully quiet.

God and I bonded in a way that was new to me even though we have walked together since I was five years old.

I hope to encourage you that God wants to take you to new places with Him as well.  You may not be afraid of heights, but be sure you are trusting God in whatever it is that He may be wanting to break you free from in this season of your life.

When I shared my story that evening with some new friends, they asked me if I would go parasailing again.  My reply was a resounding yes!  You see, with God, all things are truly possible.  I pray that God will meet you wherever you are and that you possess the courage to take His hand and go wherever He is leading you even if it seems frightening or confusing.  His heart is to take us all to new heights with Him.  Show the enemy the prison doors have opened.  Praise God that with His help and my obedience to step out in faith, I am soaring high and free!

With more than three decades of home interior design and international travel experience, Prudence Lay has developed a sharp eye for how to create inviting living environments and adventurous travel experiences.  Currently Prudence and her family reside in Sisters, Oregon where she is enjoying her latest adventure as Home and Travel Feature Editor of LivingBetterat50+.

Prudence Lay

About Prudence Lay

With more than three decades of home interior design and international travel experience, Prudence Lay has developed a sharp eye for how to create inviting living environments and adventurous travel experiences. Currently Prudence and her family reside in Sisters.


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Flying High, Flying Free