Floating Shelves Are Perfect for Your Kitchen

By on October 12, 2020
floating shelves

Every woman over 50 needs just a bit more display area throughout the home, and especially the kitchen. Adding floating shelves in the kitchen is ideal for keeping spices handy, holding your favorite recipe books, stacking plates, or displaying decorative accents.

Floating shelves are an ideal addition to our home because they do not come with all the ghastly fixtures normally required. They appear to stick out of the wall and depending on the trim that you select, can appear to be rustic wooden beams.

Benefits for floating shelves

 To give your kitchen more warmth, you can opt for floating shelving. These shelves are thick and solid, which will settle your concerns about loading them with dishes. Darker grains in the wood coordinate with the trim work around our windows and doors.

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Installing the floating shelves

There are many manufacturers that produce floating shelves. LivingBetter50 suggests that our women over 50 readerships support US factories and make sure that the products that they buy were made in the USA.

floating shelvesInstalling the shelves is pretty straight forward. There was a wooden mounting bar that I secured to the studs in the wall. Once the mounting bar is installed, just attach the shelves to it. The shelves themselves are hollow boxes and the top of the box is what attaches to the mounting bar. You may want to drill pilot holes into the tops of the shelves because the wood is so hard. It may make it easier to hammer the nails into place.

Look to get a simple project that can make an impact on your home’s appearance. Floating shelves are a fast, easy DIY project. It doesn’t get any better than these decorative and useful mantel shelves.

Sizes for Every Kitchen

The Ambrosia Maple Rustic Mantel Shelf with oblong and gray hued bores running with the grain of the wood for designer appeal. The impressive shelf stands 4-3/4-inches tall and has a depth of seven inches. The mantel shelves come in two versions: with and without black wrought iron decorative trim, and are available in three-, four-, five- and six-foot lengths.

Lightweight and easy-to-install in just minutes, each shelf comes with everything you need. You receive a mounting cleat, wall screws, finish nails, and an instruction sheet. 

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Floating Shelves Are Perfect for Your Kitchen