Five Tips for Expressing Your Love Through Food

By on March 18, 2019

Experiencing love and sharing love are two of the most beautiful gifts in the world. So, when I have the opportunity do both I take it! Simple acts of love and kindness can light up the faces of our loved ones and fill their hearts with joy. Mothers and grandmothers (and fathers!) have been expressing their love through food for as long as we’ve been recording family histories. So it’s no surprise that creating a special experience for my loved ones often involves a meal! There are three important elements to consider when planning a special meal.

  1. Ambiance: Setting the room and creating the right atmosphere is essential. It signals to the guest or guests that they have arrived and it’s time to be entertained. With great ambiance, guests are intrigued and engaged to see what is next. They are fully present in the moment, which is what you are striving for when you entertain. The details in your décor are thoughtful touches that show how much you care.

  2. Meal Planning: When planning, carefully consider your ingredients. Quality ingredients make dishes taste better. Choose dishes you can prepare well; I don’t recommend trying new recipes on a special occasion. If you choose to order take-out, it can be more challenging to get quality ingredients. But you can pick up cuisines from your favorite restaurant and choose items that are delicious and healthy. I also recommend pairing food with a selection of wines, cocktails or mocktails (nonalcoholic “mock cocktails”), and beers as well as coffee and teas. A great bouquet of aromas is pleasing to the senses and balances the meal.

  3. Service: Consider how you’ll serve your guest or guests, taking into account the flow of the room so that there is movement among your attendees. This will help to prevent a large gathering in one small area. If you want to completely relax and enjoy the occasion, consider hiring a service company, even if it’s just you and your sweetheart. It is a wonderful feeling to be pampered. When someone else manages the details of the occasion, you can be fully present to focus on your loved ones and make memories that last a lifetime.

These are the foundations on which you can build experiences that get talked about again and again. Try incorporating these elements into these ideas.

Go on a Romantic Adventure

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If you’re like me, you occasionally like to spice things up by getting away from your routine. Whether you indulge in a trip to the tropics or a “staycation” close to home, you can strengthen your bond and renew your love with your partner through exploration and adventure. Consider taking a cooking class together, or trying new foods, or choosing a bucket list item to experience.

Short on time to plan? Enlist the help of a travel agent or other reservationist to help you discover unique ways to have fun at your destination. If you’re staying close to home, see and do tourist activities that you never get around to experiencing as a local. It can give you that “vacation feeling” without the time and expense.

Create Treasured Time

We don’t have to plan a big occasion to connect with those we love. Time together is a gift in itself!

It’s meeting with friends at a favorite coffee spot or restaurant after work and just enjoying each other’s company. It’s a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or a park where you’re able to listen to each other without distraction. It’s having a glass of wine and sitting on the porch watching the beautiful sunset in perfect stillness. It’s listening to your favorite song while your family sings and dances to the tune.

I hope these ideas have ignited your imagination and inspired you to consider new ways you can show love to yourself and others. The goal is to have fun, enjoy the time with your loved ones, and collect treasures of the heart.

Chef Kristal Damron is the owner of Reward Your Appetite Catering, a fine dining catering company committed to providing exquisite culinary dishes with exemplary service. Connect with Chef Damron at RewardYourAppetite, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Five Tips for Expressing Your Love Through Food