Five Easy Tips to Get You Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

By on April 8, 2011

By Kelly Stallings –

1. Future Focus. The past is a great learning experience, but not a motivator. Spend your idle time thinking about what life will actually be like when your goals are achieved. Actions follow beliefs. Your actions will grow to support the belief about your goals and future after you have spent time seeding your brain with what you want in your future.

2. Move your Bootie. The information age has made us sedentary. We need to get active and move our bodies to get our energy levels up to feel motivated to anything.

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3. Mastermind Motivation. The power of one is exponentially increased by the power of many. Seek out people, associations, and strategic alliances to keep the motivation going strong. When you are feeling like things are not moving as fast as you think they should, you will have a network of people to talk with for strategy changes or a good old boost of patience.

4. Manage your Mind. Filter information that you read, watch and listen to concerning your goals and life in general. The information you let into your brain can propel or stall your motivation depending on how it affects your mood. Become a good gatekeeper and filter out the junk.

5. Choose to be Happy and Successful. This is a choice. It requires you to take 100% responsibility for your life. Quite blaming other people and playing like a victim. Start playing like a victor even if you do not feel the part. The more you play the part, the more you will naturally begin to feel the part. You were not born acting like a victim, you learned to do it. Now learn to be successful and happy.

 Kelly Stallings, MS, LPC,,

About Kelly Stellings

Kelly Stallings is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin, the simple solution for addressing the mental aspect of weight loss. Since 1994, she has worked with people to create significant changes in their life including increased overall physical health by teaching the appropriate uses of cognitive behavioral techniques for healthy living. She has extensive experience training medical professionals on the appropriate uses of cognitive behavioral techniques for client’s healthy living. Kelly’s book and training have been featured on several television news shows, radio shows and popular magazines like American Baby and Success for Women. She is a dynamic speaker who quickly engages the audience and puts them at ease with her warm, ‘no fluff’ personality. Connect with Kelly on Facebook and twitter to receive her Life is Mental tips and techniques. Get Free Life is Mental Gifts at Follow Kelly on Facebook and twitter to get daily motivation and Life is Mental training tips.

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Five Easy Tips to Get You Motivated to Achieve Your Goals