Feel Good and Look Good in Your 50s and Beyond

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Unbelievably, as early as your thirties your body begins to break down and start to show those tell-tale signs of aging. Thankfully, there are ways to prolong the visible effects and look good regardless of how old you are.

Facial Skin

Your face is something that remains visible at all times. Unfortunately, because of its continuous exposure to the elements, your skin can develop premature fine lines, dark spots, and even the onset of wrinkles. 

That is especially true in your fifties, the time when the skin really begins to lose elasticity and sag. Products like a clean moisturizer will help revitalize, replenish, and maintain natural pH balance essential to daily facial skincare.

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Change Hair Styles

Longer hairstyles are harder to maintain. That’s due in part to thinning hair. Also, the shape of your face also changes as you grow older. A simple change can fix that. 

Changing the way your hair frames your beautiful face can give you a fantastic new, younger appearance. There are a variety of short hairstyles and they’re much easier to care for across the board.

A Smooth Silhouette

Regardless of your body type, eliminating body bulges will give you a flattering smooth silhouette. Using slacks that have built-in tummy control, hosiery that provides slender capabilities, and avoiding wearing clothing that restricts movement, will provide you with support where you need it. 

Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

As you get older your metabolism begins to slow. That makes it much harder to shed those extra pounds. Fortunately, staying active can offset this effect. Taking a brisk walk in the morning will not only burn additional calories but also give you an abundance of energy and improve your mental health. 

Exercising at least 3 times a week for 40 minutes will help you retain muscle mass and prevent the development of fat pockets on the legs, buttocks, and stomach. 

A Lower Caloric Intake

For someone who never had a concern with regard to food intake, weight gain is troubling. Once you add 10 to 15 extra pounds removing them can present a challenge, It only makes sense that if you are not burning a lot of calories, you need to reduce your daily caloric intake. 

The good news is that many healthy foods are low in calories. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They can also prevent you from getting heart disease and even certain types of cancer. Additionally, by providing the nourishment your body needs, you’ll feel good and look fantastic. 

Regular Doctor’s Visits

No one looks forward to a visit to their doctor. For those who live with high anxiety, they may fear the worst. However, by going regularly, the chances are good that anything your doctor finds is something non-life-threatening. Make an appointment today and follow your doctor’s health recommendations. 

Dispose of Bad Habits

It’s never too late to kick a bad habit. Smoking and excessive drinking are not good for you. They weaken the immune system and can lead to heart and liver problems, cancer, and breathing difficulties. You want to enjoy your retirement. With your working life coming to a close, it’s time to eliminate bad habits and prolong the possibility of living a good quality of life in your retirement. 


There are several ways to de-stress. Stress overload can bring on wrinkles and a much older appearance. It can also cause health problems. Thankfully, exercising, meditation and a hobby that creates an inner calm will help you keep stress under control

You may not be able to go back in time to your early thirties, but you can look and feel good in your fifties and beyond.

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Feel Good and Look Good in Your 50s and Beyond
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