Fast Friends – New Book Release

By on October 15, 2015
Fast Friends

By Suzanne Niles and Wendy Simpson Little –

Two uniquely different women discover the powerful bond of friendship, fasting and prayer.

Women desire genuine friendships from other women who will hold their concerns confidentially close to their heart, and offer tender commitment to support and guidance regarding those concerns. 

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Fast Friends delves into the lives of two different women, Suzanne Niles and Wendy Simpson Little, who met through a random encounter. They share their personal struggles and victories, their enduring support as prayer partners, and the faithfulness of God through fasting.  

With biblical examples of Jesus, Moses, Hannah, David and Esther, the authors remind that fasting and prayer assists with repentance, breaking strongholds, healing, and growing closer to the Lord. The authors encourage women to partner with a sister-in-Christ to mutually pray with, speak the truth in love, and walk alongside in their spiritual journey. 

“As ‘fast friends,’ God called two average women into a relationship that answered the cry of our hearts for a sincere and dedicated support system,” says Suzanne. “Partnering in fasting and prayer helped us experience life-changing spiritual growth, amazing answers to prayer, and a greater depth of intimacy with Jesus.”   

Fast Friends offer biblical and personal insight on topics that include:

  • Fasting to Confess Sin: Prayer and fasting humble us and help us see our wrong doings. Sometimes we know we have sinned, but we miss what to God is obvious. God uses fasting to bring about confession and restoration with His people.  
  • Fasting for God’s Guidance: Rather than feeling anxious when we try to figure things out on our own, we can find assurance when we seek God through Scripture, prayer and fasting, or guidance from the Spirit. (Prov. 2:6)  
  • Fasting as an Act of Worship: During fasting we can turn our attention to our position in Christ. In doing that, we may just find ourselves with fresh wonder and love for Him.  
  • Fasting for Your Marriage: It is our God-given responsibility to pray for our husband daily. If we are harboring any ill feelings or offense toward him, praying and fasting will change him, and our attitude toward him.   
  • Fasting for Your Children: When we are fasting and praying for God to speak to our kids and for His spirit to attune their ears to His voice, we are creating an opportunity for an eternal relationship to grow. Let your fasting and praying guide you as to what to say to your children and when to say it.  
  • How to Prepare for Your Fast: Make a list of prayer requests. Be Vulnerable to Your Fast Friend (James 5:16), (Gal. 6:2). Decide What You Will and Will Not Consume. Rejoice Together.

“We serve a generous God, who is always ready and willing to offer us help, guidance, and wisdom. We just need to ask Him and then wait for His answer,” says Wendy. “When we fast and pray for His wisdom, the waves of doubt will be quieted, we can approach Him knowing that He is the one person in your life who actually wants to hear everything you have to say.”   

Through Fast Friends, readers can learn how to partner in prayer and fasting to experience life-changing spiritual growth, and experience amazing answers to prayer, and intimacy with another that bears eternal fruit.

Product Details: Hardcover: 144 pages. Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing (October, 2015) ISBN-13: 978-1-4245-5085-2 Price: $14.99.


Suzanne Niles SUZANNE NILES is the public relations and media representative for The Salvation Army Vision Network, Suzanne has worked in different facets of the entertainment business for several decades, including acting, producing, and arranging promotions through all types of media outlets. She has a passion for Jesus, networking and connecting people to the proper cause Suzanne makes her home in Spokane, Washington.

Wendy Simpson LittleWENDY SIMPSON LITTLE is the owner and broker of a small real estate company in Central California. In her previous careers, she has been a stay at home mom, and taught 7th grade English and high school French. She has a passion for friends and family, fun and life! She hopes to encourage other women in faith, prayer, and a love for God and his Word. Wendy resides in Visalia, California.


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Fast Friends – New Book Release