Fashionable Makeover Ideas for Your Bedroom

By on May 9, 2017

As our bedrooms are our home’s most private spaces, they can all too often become neglected and merely become somewhere to sleep and store clothes.

So if you’re looking to give your bedroom a bit of love, here are some fashionable themes to implement so that your bedroom has a fresh look for 2017.

Scandinavian style

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The endlessly stylish Scandinavian look is one that embraces the more useful aspects of modern trends, but embraces the comfort factor to make sure that your bedroom is as cosy as possible.

Some of these great bedroom designs show how Scandinavian designers use neutral wall colours as a calming backdrop, whilst the introduction of wooden themes through dark furniture and contemporary lighting helps deliver a striking look.

The Scandinavian style is one that balances minimalism with comfort, and it’s also not averse to plenty of natural light for a lovely bedroom design for the summer months.

Natural beauty


Another trend that’s never going to go out of style is one that embraces nature. What better way to welcome the warmer months than by introducing natural themes through a floral set of curtains or even a trendy macrame plant hanger.

And although pineapples are no longer the flavour of the month in the world of interior design, it seems that a well-positioned cactus could do the trick in giving you an on-trend bedroom.

If you’re nervous about updating the whole bedroom, then this is a look that’s fun and easy to implement with just a few touches. And when you consider that you could even have a new mattress delivered the next day courtesy of Bedstar, it shows just how easy a bedroom makeover has become.

The 1970s are back


And finally, although we’ve all lived through 1970s, it seems as though that stylish decade is on its way back in 2017.

So expect to see plenty of retro touches appearing in our bedroom showrooms over the coming months. With a vibrant colour palette that embraces dark and unusual hues like taupe and teal, and plenty of metallic features in everything from our bedside lamps to our tables, it’s a look that has many creative possibilities.

Thankfully the 1970s revival has abandoned some of the more nightmarish features of that decade, so that we can enjoy its best bits and even have a mattress delivered the next day for the ultimate bedroom makeover in 2017!

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Fashionable Makeover Ideas for Your Bedroom