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By on March 1, 2014
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By Felicity Dryer –

No matter how old you are, there is always time to find your true skin tone. It is not just a matter of how light or dark your skin is. There is a huge underlying tone that makes a big difference in whether or not a certain color is for you. Knowing your true skin tone doesn’t only help in know what colors work clothing wise but also allows you to choose the right tone of make up.

For example, if you were picking out foundation you want to pick out not only the right shade to match your skin, but the right tone as well. Putting pink tones on someone with a golden undertone will give a white ghostly look, or putting a yellow tone on a pinkish tone will give that orangey tan look that most people don’t mean to go for.

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This infographic from Fair and Flawless helps you figure out your skin tone so you can find that perfect shade of make up, or based on your hair color or eye color what clothing colors work best with your skin tone. As we age so does our skin and hair, so your skin tone may have changed over the years. Read on to find out if blues are right for you, or if reds would suit you better.


This infographic is provided by Fair & Flawless.

felicity 2 dryer author photo (1)Felicity Dryer is a freelance writer who lives in California. She currently writes for health and beauty blogs. In her free time she likes hosting game nights and hiking.

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