Fad Dieting: America’s Obsession of starving for attention

By on May 6, 2014
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By Claire Perez –

The definition of female beauty has evolved over the decades, from the voluptuous Marilyn Monroe, all the way to waif-life Kate Moss and everything in between.  Although fashion is always trying to tell us that there is some “pinnacle” of female attractiveness, with experience comes the knowledge that true gorgeousness comes in all shapes, sizes and, of course, ages!

One of the most cherished benefits of getting older is that we understand our own bodies far more than when we were younger.  You learn how to listen to what your body tells you and in so doing, appreciate your own health at a much deeper level.  That doesn’t make us impervious to the lure of quick fix solutions and fad diets that make the rounds, but a cursory look at the history of America’s obsession with some weird and wonderful diets can help us to see that what is all the rage today, may well look a bit daft by tomorrow’s standards.

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That’s one reason we loved this Infographic on the history of dieting in America from family history search website Mocavo.com.  From 1863 to the present day, it’s so fun to see some of the more wacky gimmicks that people adhered to in the name of losing weight…. Fingers crossed that “banting” comes full circle soon!

Claire Perez is a freelance blogger and avid Infographic fan working alongside Mocavo, the world’s largest genealogy search engine, to delve into the history of everything fun and interesting!

Fad Dieting: America's Obsession with Starving for Attention

Presented by: Mocavo – Genealogy Search

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Fad Dieting: America’s Obsession of starving for attention