Look Fabulous in 10 Minutes — or Less

By on June 19, 2012

Completely You: Appearance

By Anne Marie O’Connor for Completely You

In today’s zip-zip world, slicking on some gloss and getting out the door in less than an hour seems like a miracle — never mind having to primp for a party. In actuality, all you need to get fete-fabulous is a few minutes, some key wardrobe pieces and a couple of hair and makeup tricks up your sleeve — no on-call glam squad required.

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Faux Fur
A jacket or sweater trimmed with fake fur adds instant glam to any outfit, says Founding Editor Julie Chen of ThePleat.com. Wear one over a simple day dress or a body-hugging cocktail sheath for a classic party-perfect look. In a pinch, wrap a faux fur scarf around your shoulders. Avoid holiday overload by pairing it with lightly textured pieces. “The key is not to mix with sequins or beading. The fur is the statement, so keep the rest simple,” says Chen.

Sparkly Scarves
A scarf is an inexpensive way to infuse color and French sophistication, says Desiree Marr, co-founder of ThePleat.com. For a little p.m. pizzazz, choose a scarf with some sequins or beading. Drape it over a basic shift or a white T-shirt and jeans combo, she says. And scarves aren’t just neckwear anymore: Wrap one around your waist to punctuate a plain black dress or belt it through the loops on a pair of wide-legged pants.

Oversized Jewelry
Last season’s oversized jewelry trend is here to stay. “There are so many great statement necklaces, chunky cuffs and big cocktail rings in all price ranges,” says Chen. Just slip on a couple of pieces with an all-black ensemble, and you’ll be ready to go from office to cocktail party in 10 seconds flat. “And the best part is one size fits all,” Chen says.

Smoldering Eyes
Getting glam eyes takes only two simple steps, says New York-based makeup artist Quinn Murphy, who’s worked with America Ferrera and Adriana Lima. Make your peepers really pop by curling your lashes. “Be sure to get every lash into the curler — especially those on the outer corners,” he says. With a creamy pencil, trace along the top lash line and lightly smudge to create the illusion of fuller lashes and “done” eyes.

High Ponytail
A high ponytail is a classic look that works on any type of hair, says Creative Director Kevin Lee of the Kenneth Salon in New York City. “It’s a great look for business to evening,” he notes. Tease at the crown for some big-night sophistication, or wrap the tail under itself to create a chic chignon.

Simple Smile
Flash your pearly whites and you’ll look more beautiful in seconds. Red lipstick amps up glamour and makes your smile appear shinier, says Riku Campo, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist and author of Best in Beauty. Choose cool-toned reds with words like “cherry” or “cranberry” in the name. “A semi-matte formula adds just the right amount of color and shine,” he says.

Anne Marie O’Connor has been writing and editing for 13 years. She has covered health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle for such national titles as SHAPE, Fitness, InStyle, Allure and Glamour. This is her first contribution to Completely You.

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Look Fabulous in 10 Minutes — or Less