Exploring the Hottest Kitchen Trends this Year

By on August 11, 2015
exploring popular kitchen trends

Kitchens have moved from being smaller rooms consigned to the back of a home to the main focal point of family life. They speak loudly and connect to our largest living areas from the home’s center, offering a central meeting point for guests and family.

It’s not surprising that people invest a lot of money and time into updating, remodeling and modernizing their kitchen to exactly what they want. A commissioned survey through Houzz to its members who look to the site for inspiration while renovating and building their homes found a few trends.

Countertops & Backsplashes

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Among the respondents of the survey, 94% planned to change their countertops and over half of the respondents wanted to upgrade their appliances. Backsplashes and countertops transmit a truly custom look to a kitchen. Surfaces of stone and metal either man-made or natural, like Silestone or Caesarstone continue to win the hearts of many. The man-made materials provide a cleaner look, more exciting textures like velvet, suede, leathered or brushed and more solid colors. Big today in many kitchens is textured surfaces.

Modern Appliances

Many home buyers these days look for appliances with more modern features that can be integrated into the kitchen layout. Currently in high demand are appliances with stainless steel finishes.

Nearly all kitchen appliances (ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens) may be bought in the price range of between $1000 and $1500 whereas the higher-end models can go for anywhere from $3000 and up. If you have appliances that are outdated, upgrading to a sleeker, stainless steel model will not only modernize your kitchen, but will also raise your home’s value.   In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost Versus Value Report, minor remodels add to the home’s value and can recoup as much as 75 percent of the cost when the owners resell.

Designers realize that many families, particularly larger families, struggle with appliance capacity. Therefore, they are working in multiples into the kitchen designs these days. For instance, dual dishwashers tend to be popular, particularly the new drawer-style models. Another popular one today are the multiple ovens with some designers merging in a set of wall ovens and 60 in. professional stoves. Then you have people who are carrying their secondary refrigerator from their garage and adding beer and wine coolers to it.

Still fairly popular are the bottom freezer drawers and French door refrigerators. Professional-style appliances like the stainless-steel, free-standing gas range which has been the trend for many years, is now being outshined by the sleeker induction cook tops combined with double wall ovens. Steam ovens, the first newer technology since dual-fuel and convection hit the world by storm over 10 years ago, is popular due to its versatility. By combining convection and steam with digital technology, you now have the cutting edge of appliances. Steam ovens combine moisture, heat and air eliminating the age-old issue of dried out foods and producing perfectly cooked food. Food’s nutrients are preserved too with steam ovens which is likely why 22% more people are using steam ovens to prepare foods as opposed to traditional ovens.

Other Hot Trends include:

  • Flooring – Natural materials like hardwood, stone, and cork, ceramic and distressed wood.
  • Kitchen Sinks – Stainless, white and now other colors.
  • Pantry Storage – If space allows; add in prep surfaces, electrical outlets, bar sinks and barn-style doors to close off pantry
  • Furniture-Style Cabinetry – Wet bars and islands to resemble furniture instead of your traditional cabinetry

Take your kitchen from just so, so, to fabulous this year. With a focus on functionality, efficiency and personal style, you can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece.

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Exploring the Hottest Kitchen Trends this Year