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By on April 1, 2014

By Hope Lum –

What would Easter be without baskets overflowing with candy treats such as chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and jellybeans? This Easter, let’s shake up our Easter baskets with treats that are a little more long-lasting, like a handmade item from Etsy. Etsy is a great place to find one one-of-a-kind, handmade items for any occasion, but finding that item can be a daunting task. As an Etsy storeowner and master shopper, I have done the searching for you.  Below is my list of favorite Easter treats that will please Mom & Dad, wee ones and their pediatric dentists.

Hand Painted Easter Baskets by AbbyCakesOriginals, $38.95
Perfectly sized for an Easter egg hunt, each basket – round or rectangle – is hand painted with your little’s name, bunnies, polka dots, eggs and grass. These are baskets you will want to save and use next year and the next and next. Order early. This shop needs a two-week turnaround.

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Fabric Bunnies by ThePaperNeedle, $19.00 to $33.00
Every Easter basket needs an iconic stuffed bunny, and ThePaperNeedle’s brood of bunnies have just the right amount of floppiness and squeeziness for little hands. They are made with upcycled, high quality 100% cotton fabric, and the faces are hand embroidered.


Bunny on Wheels by ImaginationKids, $15.00
Meet Bonnie. Bonnie is sure to be a fun friend and a perfect addition to any Easter basket. She is handcrafted at the ImaginationKids’ workshop with eco-friendly and child-safe materials. She is quick and ready to zoom around on her wheels! Bonnie is 5.5 inches tall and 8 inches long and made with sustainably harvested wood, non-toxic paints, and natural wood polish.


Felt Bunny by LoveLingZ, $42.00-$58.00
The very talented LoveLingZ creates amazing, life-like felt bunnies that would make a special gift for older children as well as adults. Her tiny bunnies are hand stitched from felt blends and lightly stuffed with sheep wool and a little cotton. These bunnies would look sweet in a small Easter basket or a simple gift box.


Felt Bunny Family by NettiesNeedlesToo, $30.00
Welcome one of these bunny families into your home! This family of four – Mommy, Daddy, and two kids – will arrive at your doorstep with one change of clothes each and a big appetite for pretend carrots!


Felt Dolls and Dollhouse by KnotAPaperDoll, $49.95
KnotAPaperDoll sells a precious travel-size handmade cloth dollhouse that includes one doll and about 20 outfits and matching shoes. You get to choose the colors on the dollhouse and two of the outfits. I recently bought one for my three-year old daughter, and we keep it in the car so she has something to play with while we run our afternoon errands.


Toy Car Wallet by MyHappyHobbies, $15
Perfect for car lovers, this adorable Toy Car Wallet will keep Mom and her little one on-the-go ready! It measures 7″ x 3.75″ when closed and 7″ x 10″ when open, holds four matchbox cars (not included), and features a pocket for holding extra goodies like stickers or trading cards.


Children’s Pencil & Paper Wallet by LyrasLabyrinth, $14.62
LyrasLabyrinth’s Pencil & Paper Wallet keeps art supplies contained, organized and portable! Each wallet is made to order from a smattering of fabric options (girl and boy themed) and comes with either 20 pencils or 18 Crayons and a high quality A6 plain white pad.


Hand Painted Canvas Tennis Shoes by Snanimals, $25.00 – $28.00
Hop Hop Hop! Your little one will love to hop, skip & jump around in Snanimal’s bunny canvas shoes — or, maybe in one of their other 100+ shoe options. Snanimal’s has an extensive line of shoes painted with animals, bugs, Disney characters and other iconic images for both girls and boys. Order early. This shop needs a two-week turnaround.


Sterling & Pearl Petite Princess Name Bracelet by AstraeaCo, $58.00
AstraeaCo offers a gorgeous child’s bracelet that is customized with your little one’s name or initials and birthstone. The bracelet is made with petite Swarovski crystals and grade AA freshwater pearls and is custom sized (based on child’s age).


Hand Sewn Cloth Book by MoonlitCountryNights, $8.00
The wee-est of wee ones will love holding and looking at MoonlitCountryNights Jesus and Me cloth book. It is filled with bright colors, sweet animal characters and an Easter message for us all, “Jesus Loves Us.”


Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart A-Z, PDF Printable Book or Wall Art by CreativebyFaith, $15.00
Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart A-Z is a book to help young children memorize scripture. This PDF file can be a printable book or you can print pages out and use them separately as wall art. Each page features a letter of the alphabet, a verse that begins with that letter, the scriptural address of where it is located in the Bible, and fun illustrations.


Hope Lum designs and sews children’s clothes for her Internet boutique or  When she’s not sewing, she’s running after her two high-energy children, Shelby (3) and Mason (7).

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