Enjoying Your Finest Years: 5 Home Modifications for a Senior-Friendly Living

By on June 23, 2020
Home modifications

For many seniors, getting around and getting things done can be very difficult. Fortunately, with some thought and a few minor home modifications to living areas, a senior’s day can be a lot easier and much more pleasant. Seniors should be provided with a personal area that they can have modified to make any difficulties they might have with daily living much easier. Further, these five home modifications can make senior living much friendlier.

Wider Doorways

Regardless of the method of help a senior uses to get around, the chances are good that it is much wider than just walking through a doorway without assistance. Seniors often use a variety of methods to help them navigate. At Sunrise at East 56th, they include wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and more. For this reason, a senior will probably require extra room through doorways to help them get from room to room.

Installation of Ramps

Whether a senior uses a wheelchair, a walker, a cane, or no mechanical assistance at all, ramps can be a lifesaver for accessing a building or a home. Further, not only does the ease of use justify the cost of installing these ramps, but there are many specialized grants and loans that can be used to supplement the additional costs.

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Modifications of Kitchens

As we age and often suffer from age-related disabilities, the kitchen becomes a place that is more and more difficult to use. The features that were once accessible before, are no longer possible. As a result, counters, and fixtures often need to be lowed for more convenient access, appliances can be placed on lower stands, and other adjustments made.

Even when kitchen fixtures are at accessible heights, it is also important to make sure that everything is safe considering the resident’s state of health. For example, a stove might not be a safe appliance for a senior person with a more limited mental capacity.

Bathroom Modifications

Bathrooms are often the most dangerous rooms in a home. This is true of youngsters, but it is also true for seniors since slip and fall accidents become more common with infirmities as well as wet surfaces being involved. One common option is to install a bathtub or shower with walk-in capabilities. This makes entering as well as exiting these features easier and safer. Even if a senior is unable or unwilling to have these modifications made, other less extensive but equally effective modifications can be made.

Flooring Modifications

The flooring in a living area is another important consideration for seniors who live in a home or apartment. The first thing to consider is the type of flooring that is already in place. Is it prone to a senior slipping and falling as it is? Whether it is an uncovered floor or covered by a rug or carpet, it should be determined if the flooring is a benefit or a detriment to a senior who will often use it throughout their day.

The best way to deal with the flooring is to determine which areas of the home might present the greatest number of hazards left as they are. For example, a bathroom may present numerous chances for a senior to slip and fall, especially considering water on a slick surface or a living area that might have older, less-stable carpeting. Regardless of the room or the appointments, the flooring should always be usable and safe for a senior whenever they choose to access it.

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Enjoying Your Finest Years: 5 Home Modifications for a Senior-Friendly Living