A Gardening Project to Enjoy With Your Grandchildren

By on May 1, 2014

Some of the fondest memories that many adults have of their childhood is the time spent gardening with a grandparent. Gardening can be a great way for virtually anyone to relax and cultivate fruits and vegetables to eat later on or grow brilliantly colored flowers. Working in the garden for women over 50 can be very beneficial for strengthening the bond between yourself and the grandchildren. It can also give a child something to do and look forward to each day when school is out.

Educational – Your grandchild doesn’t have to grow up to be a botanist in order to appreciate plants and growing food to save money. Gardening can be quite educational without it seeming like school. If you’re a long-time gardener, there is no doubt a great amount of information you can share with your grandchild to help them succeed with growing plants of all kinds. You could go so far as to include plants you’ve never cultivated before and made the entire project a learning experience for yourself and the child.

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Home Grown Snacks – Children are more likely to eat vegetables they grew themselves. However, many fruits can wind up becoming a regular snack. If you have a food dehydrator, or you can make a side project to make a solar unit, fruits can have a much greater shelf-life. You and the grandchildren can benefit from dried fruits of all kinds as a snacking food or as additions to recipes. Not only will the child be filled with a sense of pride for developing a produce garden, but the snacks maybe some of the healthiest they’ve had in a long time.

Fruits of Labor – Depending on the size of a produce-growing garden, this could help you teach the grandchild about managing money as well. Many private individuals set up stands on the corner of the street or attend farmer’s markets to sell their produce. Allowing your grandchild to help in this fashion could be beneficial to teach him or her the importance of a farmer and how to manage the money made from the goods.

Beautification – Not all gardens need to be produce bearing. Perhaps you and the grandchild would like to impress the neighborhood with a dazzling array of flowers. Depending on the kinds you use, the flowers themselves can be a kind of canvas allowing you to create colorful shapes and designs. If your grandchild has a favorite sports team, perhaps you can come up with a strategy to allow the flowers to bloom in the design of the team logo.

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It’s All About Time – When putting the effort into gardening in a team-like atmosphere, it’s all about the time you spend with each other. The more elaborate the garden, the more time you spend together caring for the plants and ensuring survival. From weeding the beds to helping the child develop a “growing” journal, you are providing him or her with a memory that will last throughout the rest of the child’s life.

There is a great deal of good that can come from a summer gardening project with your grandchildren. It consumes idle time for the child, teaches about healthy foods, and how plants can blanket even the dullest areas with beautiful colors. Gardening can be an educational as well as a memorable experience.

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A Gardening Project to Enjoy With Your Grandchildren