How to Eliminate Distractions During Home Workouts

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There are numerous benefits to home workouts. For starters, not having to worry about gym fees can be a tremendous weight off the shoulders of any cost-conscious fitness enthusiast. Secondly, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, exercising from the comfort of home is the safer and more socially responsible choice. However, distractions are among the key reasons people tend to avoid working out at home. Because they want to be able to concentrate on their respective fitness regimens, many workout buffs opt to remove themselves from environments that are rife with distractions. Fortunately, with a little bit of effort and the following tips, you can create a home workout space that’s devoid of unwanted distractions.

Invest in Soundproofing Curtains 

Concentration and inner calm are highly conducive to success in any yoga endeavor. That being the case, when practicing yoga from home, it’s in your best interest to keep outside noise to a minimum. The more noises you’re processing, the more distracted you’ll be – and the more distracted you are, the less concentration you’ll be able to dedicate to the task at hand. Needless to say, outside noise is a larger problem for some people than others. For example, someone living in a congested big city is liable to experience exterior noise on a much larger scale than someone in a quiet suburb or rural environment. 

If excessive outside noise has proven detrimental to your yoga efforts, consider outfitting any windows in your dedicated exercise area with soundproofing curtains. Per their name, these curtains are highly adept at dampening outside noise. Created from thick, dense materials, soundproofing curtains are ideal for anyone for whom exterior noise is a consistent problem.    

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Set Careful Boundaries with Family Members 

If other members of your household are a frequent source of distraction, make sure to set careful boundaries with them regarding your yoga time. Make it clear that while they’re welcome to seek you out in the event of an emergency, your yoga area is otherwise off-limits during designated workout periods. Of course, this may not be an option for parents of small children. So, if your kids are still at an age where they require perpetual supervision, arrange to have your partner take charge of them during your yoga sessions. Alternatively, you may also want to consider practicing yoga when your children are asleep or busy with school. 

Keep Work Out of Your Dedicated Yoga Space 

It’s no secret that many Americans are overworked. In fact, with the current state of technology, most people never truly clock out. Unsurprisingly, this approach to working can prove detrimental to one’s leisure time and home life. If you’ve been conditioned to check your work email every few minutes or remain in constant communication with your boss, it can be difficult to get any real enjoyment out of your off-hours. 

Since inner calm is among the foremost tenets of yoga, being able to take your mind off work is absolutely essential. As such, ban any work-related devices from your dedicated yoga space. If need be, let any relevant parties know that you’ll be unreachable for the duration of each workout. If you rely on your phone for calming music or virtual yoga instruction, take care to mute any incoming calls from work-related contacts before the start of each session.  

Procure the Right Equipment 

home work outsInvesting in subpar workout aids can be highly conducive to distractions throughout your yoga sessions. After all, if you’re constantly being inconvenienced by unreliable fitness tools, your mind is unlikely to be in a relaxed state. With this in mind, take care to procure comfortable yoga pillows, dependable mats, and flexible workout attire for your home workouts.

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated sweeping changes to our daily lives would be an understatement. Tasks and outings that once seemed mundane now carry a tremendous level of risk and staying home whenever possible are among the foremost ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. For those of us who are accustomed to getting our daily sweat at the gym, working out at home represents a bit of an adjustment. However, by taking the time to stamp out potential distractions, you can ensure that your at-home workouts are every bit as fulfilling as your visits to the gym.

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How to Eliminate Distractions During Home Workouts
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