Early Morning in the Garden

By on April 17, 2012

I’m pleased with the progress of my garden, so far… even if it is not perfect.

For instance… the row on the left side is what happens when one accidentally drops their packet of lettuce seeds while planting the row.

row of tomatoes

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

I just took my fingers and “planted” them along that row. I will do a lot of thinning but nobody is perfect, right?

Below is my herb garden, although I do plant herbs in other parts of the raised bed. Especially things like basil which need more sun than this areas receives.

tomato bed

That’s why I used this section of the garden for my herbs, it is the shadiest and most of them seem to do just fine there. The warm winter gave them a head start this year.

You can also see this is the only part of the garden which had not received their fresh mulch on the landscape fabric, yet. Speaking of which… when you build a raised bed you will be very happy if you place landscape fabric at the bottom of the bed before adding soil.

tomato bedWe forgot to add new landscape fabric (the original fabric which had gone over the entire garden had already decomposed) when hubby filled the new raised bed last year. You wouldn’t believe how many more weeds there were!

I planted parsley in another raised bed last year and it didn’t come up. Imagine my surprise this year when I went out to the garden beds for the first time and found… this.

It is on a shady side of one of the long raised beds so it should last for awhile, even when it gets hot.

bed of plants bed of plants bed of plants

When I talk about the forest taking back our property… the above is what happens when one does not mulch for two years.

The sad part is, I’ve already been working on some of these sections. This year we spent the mulch money (hmmm… is that like milk money?) for the garden aisles where the weeds became very bad last year.

catNext year these sections will get fresh mulch… or maybe concrete. I’ll continue weeding but hubby has to cut out those itty bitty tree limbs.

Like I said… the forest wants its’ land back. Kinda’ creepy when you think of it.

Now, I leave you with Her Queenliness as she saw me outside. This is her favorite spot these days, an open screened-in window in Christopher’s room.

She has requested the removal of the screen but her humble servant has declined.


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Early Morning in the Garden